Monday, December 3, 2012

December 3 Devotion Jesus—Created all Things Tonight’s Devotion & Clip of Christmas Strings Concert with Mary!

After dropping my phone in a huge bowl of chocolate pudding this weekend, I have been a little flustered! It takes a lot of paper towels to get chocolate pudding off a phone. The first thing I thought was, "I didn't just drop my phone in the pudding, did I?" My next thought was of taking a picture of it for you, but I couldn't because my phone is my camera!!

But the proof was... pardon the pun... in the pudding as I looked at my black & white polka dotted case submerged in chocolate. Slowly, all the functions are returning!!!! Yay!!!! (I couldn't answer a phone call for 24 hours because no one could hear me, but sound has slowly returned!!)

But the highlight of the weekend was definitely a Christmas Strings Concert that Mary was in yesterday.
I'm proud of Mary, not in a prideful way, but so happy that she is doing what God created her to do!I'll be posting clips all throughout December, so enjoy them as we think on Christ's love for us!

For tonight’s advent devotion, read Colossians 1:15-16.  We’ll be looking at what Jesus did before He came as a baby to Bethlehem.  We will learn that He created all things!  

After reading the text, you can ask what is it the passage tells us that Christ did before He came to earth?  What did He create?  The kids can draw planets to put on the tree.  See today’s blog picture if you want to make a felt figure of the planets to stand for creation (this is easy-peezy stuff as you can see! Small in task, but huge in effect to focus on Christ the Creator.)
Sing “Angels from the Realms of Glory," or watch the video clip above and sing a whole verse of it!  Have fun as a family as you worship the newborn King!

For the complete list of advent readings, click this post

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