Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Focus on the Family Interview "Giving Your Marriage a Second Chance" to Air October 25-26

Just one week from today on October 25, 2016 the interview I did on marriage called, "Giving Your Marriage a Second Chance," with President Jim Daly at Focus on the Family will air! Part 2 of the interview will be continued the next day on October 26, 2016.  Both Jim Daly and John Fuller were so gracious to Terry and me as we visited them at Focus in Colorado Springs, Colorado. I am so excited and honored to be a guest on Focus on the Family next week!

If you're interested you can get Focus on the Family Daily Broadcast Ap via Google play, iTunes or on your smartphone.

The URL for the broadcast pages for will be {they will not play until the air-dates above}:

·       http://www.focusonthefamily.com/media/daily-broadcast/giving-your-marriage-a-second-chance-pt1

·       http://www.focusonthefamily.com/media/daily-broadcast/giving-your-marriage-a-second-chance-pt2

If you prefer to find a radio station near you, click here (scroll down, then enter your state & city): http://www.focusonthefamily.com/media/shows/daily-broadcast/find-a-station
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