Friday, December 7, 2012

Family Advent Devotions for Rest of the Week!

In an effort for you to have less blog updates, I am going to consolidate the next few days in this one entry (not to mention my house needs much attention and we have 3 family birthdays on top of Christmas!)  I also wanted to remind you that we miss our family devotions sometimes! 

That happens from time to time. Don’t be discouraged. God’s grace prevails! 

For December 7:
Read 1 John 4:9, telling us how God showed us His love. Ask your children if you think this was a hard thing to do.  Thank God for giving up His son.  Sing Come into my Heart Lord Jesus.  Make a red heart for your tree.
For December 8: (Oh Happy Day, It is my son John's 21st birthday! May you grow in grace and godliness John!!! You are such a blessing to us!)
Read John 3:16.  Talk about why God sent Jesus.  Ask your children what we do with gifts.  What does God want us to do with His gift? Sing O Little Town of Bethlehem.  Make a gift to remind us that Jesus is the greatest gift of all!
For December 9:
Read Isaiah 9:2.  Let you children know that Isaiah lived 700 years before Jesus, and God told him many things that were to come about Jesus.  Talk about what complete darkness is like. Talk about what a light does in the darkness. Discuss why Jesus is called the light. SingHark! the Herald Angels Sing.  Make a symbol of a candle reminding us that Jesus brings light into the dark world we live in. Place it on your tree.
For December 10:
Read Isaiah 60:1-3.  We read tonight another message about the darkness and the light given to Isaiah 700 years before Jesus would be born. This passage tells us that Jesus would save people from every nation. Pray that your family will be a light showing Christ’s love with the people you know.  Sing Joy to the World.  Make a sun for your tree, reminding us that Jesus is the Light of the World.
Walk by Faith, 

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