Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Easy Family Advent Devotions for Tonight & Tomorrow Night!

I'm so glad that all those years ago that my friend Macon gave me a copy of Family Celebrations by Anne Hibbard. I love how Anne helps us keep Christ at the center of all our family celebrations, especially Christmas! 

Today I'm giving you tonight's and tomorrow night's devotions. Have fun! My family is downstairs waiting to eat spaghetti and salad, and I made an easy chocolate chess pie tonight:-) yum yum! If you are reading Rachel, I hope you all liked yours! I'll give everyone the recipe this week.

While I cooked today, I listened to Steve Green's Christmas CD. Great music can help us keep our eyes on Jesus, can't it? I can still hear in my mind, Steve singing:

All my heart rejoice tonight
In the dark there dawns a light
Behold the glory of the Lord!

I couldn't help but rejoice in my heart thinking of our Savior who is our light in the darkness!

For tonight, December 11:

Read Isaiah 9:6 where God describes the Savior to Isaiah 700 years before the first Christmas morning! Talk about and thank God for each name for Christ. Sing Joy to the World or play Unto Us a Child is Born if you have Handel’s Messiah. Make a dove reminding us that Jesus is the Prince of Peace.
For tomorrow night, December 12:

Read Isaiah 9:7 about Jesus someday ruling the world! Just think of it: He’s our King right now to believers!  Pray that you will obey your King. Sing What Child is This, make a crown to remind us that one day Christ will rule the world, remembering for those who trust and obey now, He is already their King!

Walk by Faith,

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