Thursday, December 20, 2012

Advent Devotions for Tonight & Tomorrow Night

Our family read the advent scripture and lit the candle last Christmas at our church. Our youngest, Mary, read Luke’s Gospel in Braille. I love how God made her to be able to read His Word with her fingers! There's a picture at the bottom of today’s blog of her reading the passage last Christmas, and you can see how she reads the dots with the page upside down on her tummy.

For tonight’s family devotion, read Luke 2:1-7. This is a very familiar passage to many, but try to imagine what it would be like to be Joseph or Mary. They were real people, close to the delivery of a real baby. Talk about the poor conditions where Jesus was born, and how that was part of God’s plan. Think about how Jesus chose to become poor for us. Pray together, and sing “What Child Is This?” Make a symbol of a baby or let small children hold baby dolls—or put them under the tree if they want to.

For Friday, December 21:
Read Luke 2:8-14, about some people that were considered very “unimportant.”  Maybe you are feeling unimportant tonight. Not to God!  He loves you so much that He came and then died for you. These “unimportant” people were shepherds, and God had a message for them.  God has a message for you, that will forever change your life.   Describe what the shepherds saw on the night described in tonight’s passage.
Why do you think God would send such an important message to a very unlikely person(s)?  Thank God that everyone is important to Him, everyone—including you.  It doesn’t matter what you have done or not done, how much money you have or don’t have, how many degrees you have or don’t have!  He came to bring us salvation from our sins. (and for those who have veered away from the path, the path is always there! Get back on! What better time than Christmas?)

Draw or make a simple angel like the one pictured above for your tree. You know what you can do next!  Sing Angels We Have Heard on High! (or Go Tell It on the Mountain.)
Walk by Faith,

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