Monday, December 10, 2012

Mary Reads in Braille of Christ's Light in the Darkness

It was so late last night when I was able to read the Christmas Advent Devotion with Mary as she was already tucked in bed. I suddenly realized I didn't have my Bible with me, and was so tired and couldn't remember what Isaiah 9:2 said, which was our devotion for last night.

Mary's Braille Bible was in the book shelf beside me, so in the near dark room that had one lone 6o watt bulb on by the chair where I was reading, I handed her her Braille copy of the book of Isaiah so she could find Isaiah 9:2, still not knowing what we were about to read even though I had written it to you in a blog some couple days before this.

She was practically in the dark where she was tucked in bed on the opposite side of the room. Her fingers search the pages of dots (I can only read an occasional "the" or an "I" here and there!) she suddenly said, "Oh, I remember this verse from when we read it December 9th last year!" (She truly has an amazing memory)  Here is what she read aloud with her fingers moving across the dots from her darker side of the room.

"The people walking in darkness
    have seen a great light;
on those living in the land of deep darkness
    a light has dawned."
~Isaiah 9:2

All I could think about was how Christ not only enters into Mary's dark world shining His light and life, but he enters each of our lives who know him as Savior!!! He is our great light, His light casts out all darkness! Think how just a tiny flicker of light drives our the darkness!!! Hallelujah to our Great God and King whose birthday we celebrate.

My tired weary self was renewed. God's word surely gives health to our bones! Is it worth taking even 5 minutes with our family to center around God's word? You bet it is! It is the life-giving God-inspired  word of God! Let us read it, and praise His name together dear friend!

Tonight's continues with Christ is the Light theme:

Read Isaiah 60:1-3.  We read tonight another message about the darkness and the light given to Isaiah 700 years before Jesus would be born. This passage tells us that Jesus would save people from every nation. Pray that your family will be a light showing Christ’s love with the people you know.  Sing Joy to the World.  Make a sun for your tree, reminding us that Jesus is the Light of the World.
Walk by Faith,

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