Thursday, October 18, 2012

Speaking on Marriage in Raleigh on October 26 & Alex Gets a Haircut

Well now this is a bloggin' first for me. I'm at the haircut place with my son who is home from college for fall break. I don't know how to cut hair! We're running errands together so we can spend some extra time together. I love that he asked me to ride along:-)
Both my sons attend the same university and are home for break. I wanted them to smell some home-cookin' scents so I simmered a lot of hickory smoked bacon for them and cooked their eggs just like they like 'em. ☺ Just this week, this verse jumped out of me from the book of John that we're studying in our church's Tuesday morning Bible study.

"After this, Jesus and his disciples went out into the Judean countryside, where He spent some time with them..." ~John 3:22

Don't you love how the disciple John (who wrote the book of John) wrote that Jesus "spent some time with them." God's word included for us that it was important for Jesus to spend time with people. That kept coming to my mind as I ran errands with my son. Just spending time together—talking with them as they ate their eggs (I had eaten a couple hours before they were up!)

Spending time together is actually a real, live love language! I know it's my husband's! You already know from prior blogs that he loves me to just talk with him and watch what he's working on sometimes. He runs home for lunch for 30 minutes and in that time, he'll eat leftovers heated in the microwave, talk with me, and fix something that's broken or needs attention in the basement where he has a workshop. He just wants me to be with him!

I 'm trying to learn the discipline of stopping what I'm doing to greet him and learn that I don't have to be "productive" in the way I traditionally think of. It's not something I can cross off my list! (which I love to do!) There is something empowering about striking something off your list, and I don't put on my list "Stop. Change direction. Greet husband. Sit. Talk. Listen (oh, my goodness, I need to put that "L" word on my list!!). Watch. Be quiet. Listen more.

Oooo... Alex's haircut is looking good. I hope to update this blog with a cute pic of my boy.

Ok, I want to tell all those living in the Raleigh area I will be giving our marriage testimony on Friday night, October 26 at Capital Community Church in Raleigh on Wade Ave. Grab your husband, and come on if you live near Raleigh. I'll talk about how God saved our marriage from near divorce long before we ever had children when we were in our twenties.

It's a complete story of grace.

We'll also go over, "Yikes, I,m a Night Person, He's a Morning Person," video segment by author Gary Chapman.

I hope to see you there! Click here if you need additional information from Capital Community Church or email

Walk by Faith,

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