Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Emily Fountain Speaks (Hear Audio) on God's Faithfulness

I'm so bummed, I just wrote you an entire blog just now on being a more godly wife and having a happier husband (written to myself first!) and accidentally deleted it. Sad face. As I just said in my deleted blog, I'm meeting my husband in just a minute at a framing shop to frame some prints for his office. I can't believe I hit delete.

My loss is your gain.... because....

You are going to be so blessed today by my friend, Emily Fountain!

Her daughter Janie was in a bad car accident in August along with 3 other high school seniors. The car tumbled over multiple times. Janie was unconscious at the scene and put into a medically induced coma for weeks. Tessa, another girl in the accident sustained multiple bone injuries, and the other girls sustained injuries. 

I've been wanting you to hear this message from Emily since the accident (all 4 girls are back at school now! Praise God!). I was going to post this Friday, but I'm moving it up to today.)

Emily spoke on God's faithfulness through their deepest valleys of the accident when she addressed our Bible study earlier this month. To listen click here, then scroll to bottom left hand corner and click "play" or "download." Be blessed by my friend who loves the Lord dearly. After she recaps the accident, she teaches from the book of John. She discusses the accident right away in the beginning. Be blessed and encouraged to trust the Lord more deeply in whatever you are facing today.

Back next time with the blog I deleted on marriage!!!

Walk by Faith,


  1. The same thing happened to me last night , I wrote a nice meaningful blogpost,then it was gone. After that I wrote a condensed version and went to bed! Thank you for your transparency in your posts!

    1. Amanda, Isn't it a sickening feeling when you realize that it went poof? just like that! I can't wait to check yours out Amanda:-) I am now going to attempt to re-write it! Hopefully it will be back up in just a minute. I know God is God over our mistakes. Someone needed to hear my friend's audio message last night on God's faithfulness to their family through the terrible car accident at the end of the summer. Her message makes us all want to pray more boldly!

  2. It is but I just chalked it up to maybe Jesus thought I was rambling and needed it a bit shorter and to the point. Thank-you for going to check my blog out its nothing special just my heart spilled out electronically!


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