Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Teaching Virtues With Our Young Girls

If you have a little girl, don't miss the chance to snuggle up with her with a good character building book day after day! If we want our children to remember something (like snuggling with us in a cozy chair reading together) we have to do it over and over and over again! There are so many wonderful books, but today I just want to show you a few for little girls to get you going!

God's Wisdom for Little Girls by Elizabeth George take virtues found in Proverbs 31 and writes each trait with "God's Little Girl is..."  There is a rhyme, and then a scripture from Proverbs 31, as seen in the above picture.

Another picure book I love for little girls is, "The True Princess," by Angela Elwell Hunt. This story gives Jesus' teaching that whoever wants to be great must be servant of all, and that's what a child of the King should strive for!
I also wanted to tell you today about "Beautiful Girlhood," revised by Karen Andreola. I first must confess, we never hit it right with this book and never finished it! I think it's best to read it with your child just before a girl's body begins to change into a young woman (It's not a picture book, but a chapter book). It may be best to read it early on—say at nine to eleven years of age before girlhood is over.

Since I had two false starts on this book, I'd love it if any readers read it with their girls to tell us how it went. It was originally written by M. Hale and some grandmothers remember it back in the 1920s and 1930s. The publisher says the purpose of Beautiful Girlhood is to encourage our girls to a "nobler life and higher ideals."

I may just have to try for my third time to read this aloud (once with my older daughter, Blair), and twice  with my younger daughter, Mary—especially because the Biblical virtues it writes of are timeless, and I need it, too!

Here's my littlest princess on her 7th birthday. She is "feeling" her present because she was born blind. Don't feel sorry for her, she is the most contented person I know! You can read a post I wrote on her here. I'm so thankful for both of my girls! May God bless you as you point your little girl to the God who made her!

"Who can find a virtuous woman? 
For her price is far above rubies." 
~Proverbs 31:10  

"Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain; 
but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised." 
~Proverbs 31:30

Walk by Faith,


  1. Thank you! I have two little princesses myself. They are 7 and 5 and it's always something to teach them now who they are in Christ. I didn't have that growing up and I am so blessed an honored to have the previlage to teach it to them.

    1. Nor did I, Angel! My dear Mama had so many struggles of her own to deal with, I think she missed a lot with us. (She went through an unwanted divorce at 26. One year later lived in a new country with a new husband with a new language) I am so GRATEFUL that I was like a huge sponge to older Christian women when my babies were born & under their great example I scooped up every possible minute with my children. I can say I have no regrets. One reason I blog is to be the encourager they were for me. Your two princesses are very blessed to have you for their mama, Angel!

    2. Thank you so much!! And that is so awesome and so true.. that's how I feel when I read what you post. It's like .. God please let me soak all this up and be this kind of exsample for my daughters!! Just more and more makes me so blessed to be SAVED BY HIS PERFECT GRACE! Thank you again and again!! =)

    3. I also forgot that I wanted to mention that I found out about your site from Sue Sites. We have a very awesome connection that I will have to share with you sometime and I saw she liked you site and I respect her so much that I thought I would check it out. And now I am so blessed! =)

  2. Oh, Angel, I literally got cold chills as I read your note. I CANNOT tell you how it makes me feel. I feel like shedding tears of joy (but I am not really crying right now, but the chills, yes!) I have prayed that I can be the older women for the younger women of His choosing! You are one of the answers to my prayer!

  3. PRAISE THE LORD!! Because you are one of my answers!! It's funny but as I read the Oh Angel, I totally got chills too and then had to laugh and wanted to cry whne I kept reading!!! I was asking God for exsamples. I said, Lord, you have lead me to disciple, you have put me into peoples lives to bring them to salvation and to bring them closer to you! You have called me for a purpose but who will teach me? And I am not kidding you.. a few weeks later I found this site.. and said.. WOW, this is the exsample I am looking for .. how to be a real, Mom, and Christian that loves Jesus in todays world trying to raise kids and be a light in the darkness. And how to have a REAL relationship with a man the way God intended. You blessed my heart in the post you left to be with your husband and then came back and finished it. I said.. LORD, Let me walk in this exsample!! You don't know how much it's blessed me!! Keep fighting the good fight. You are touching lives, even if they don't verbilize it like me. =)

  4. I also have a beautiful princess given to me by God at the age of 45. Prior, I had three wonderful boys and had been content with an all male household. But already experiencing the early symptoms of menopause, God had placed this intense desire for a girl within me when all indicators was that it was past my time, even my doctor felt my hormones would not sustain the pregnancy. But God had plans for our family and precious Janaya (which means God has answered) entered our lives. I teach her daily about the love of God's word and being a princess Jesus' way. Thank you for your book selections. I am a big fan of Elizabeth George and I look forward to reading this with my daughter. I also am a blogger at disastermom.com on disaster preparedness based on the principals of the proverbs 31 women.


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