Saturday, October 27, 2012

God of Second Chances

I'm going to do something so unfair today, and I have to get it in before the timer rings on 2 mini pumpkin spice loaves that smell oooo so good that are in the oven (because afterwards I promised my husband I would tackle my piles of stuff upstairs and put them away)! Don't be too impressed on my cookingit was a box mix from Costco!

I want to speak to the women that were at the marriage mentoring class last night where I gave my testimony of how I came to faith in Christ and how God saved our marriage (both were no less than supernatural miracles), but I don't mind anyone else eavesdropping. 

In fact, I highly recommend you listen in because it has been set apart for God's use which makes it holy cyber territory (not by anything on my meritand those who were there last night fully know). They got a huge dose of  the great work God has done in my life and how He is still working on me. Apart from God's working in my life, I'd have nothing to say worth your time here. I hope you go from dropping in to becoming a regular with us!

I could hardly get to sleep when I got home! My husband was out of town with his closest friends (a wonderful group of men who by the way my hubby texted me that they all prayed for me from the coast where they were fishing together.) The thought of those godly men who all love Jesus offering prayers to God on my behalf last night is so tender to me ). 

When I got home, Mary was trying to talk to meand sorry to sayshe noticed I could barely concentrate. I had to keep apologizing to her. She finally said, "What are you thinking about?"

"I keep thinking about how far God has brought us Mary. I walked back through it this week, and especially today as I recounted my story. And I keep thinking about all four of you and how bright the future is for you in Christ." 

I had asked my children to pray for me as I shared my story, and I texted my other three children when I got home and missed them greatly too after showing them on the big screen at the end in a slideshow intermixed with scriptures and music. 

I really wanted to go and get my hair styled yesterday because you can never make your hair look the way the stylist can make it look! I was contemplating calling to see if there was an opening when I remembered two things:

1) Terry had said it was fine for me to speak on October 26 so long as I didn't feel like I had to get my hair styled beforehand! (I always run any speaking engagement requests past him before I commit) He reminded me that it's not about how I look, but it's about the Holy Spirit saying the message God has given through me.

He is a very generous person with others and me—it was not about the cost. He even bought me the laptop I wanted which was a good bit more than what would meet my needs. At that time, he asked me why I wanted the significantly higher priced one. He helped me to realized that it was the one I just plain liked and wanted and thought was easier to use and get support. Then we got it.

2) Earlier in the week as I was praying about giving my testimony, I sensed the Lord say in my heart to go back and physically visit the place where I first met Him. I remember saying yes to the LordI would do that.

Suddenly yesterday, I thought, Oh my goodness! I nearly forgot! I already have clear instructions on this: no hair appointment, and go back to that apartment and remember before you deliver my message.

So yesterday, I jumped in my car, popped in my praise music and headed out. I suddenly found myself wishing I had Twila Paris or some of the other artists I played 24/7 when I first became a Christian. At that time in my life, I was separated from my husband by my own doing , but on I went without that. (How many times did I play Twila's song singing with her, "Will I trust you, Lord?" A bunch.) 

Before I left my neighborhood, I was totally weeping and I had not even gotten down my street!

It felt funny to be on God's errand. But as I'm typing you, I'm remembering the words of George MacDonald who said, " would be better to see the whole matter as one grand providence." 

So whether I'm going to the store to get food for our family or driving to a meeting 0r reading aloud to Mary or taking my car to the car place my husband asked me to take it—as long as I'm doing what God wants me to do, when He wants me to do it, the way a Christian should do it—it's all ministry. I love running errands for God! 

Translation: As I was driving in my car in the opposite direction from all that I do, the thought occurred to me that I was not wasting my time. I was on God's errand "to go and remember"unusual that it was! I don't have to feel anything to obey. I don't even half to understand. I just need to do it.   

It's good to remember how far God has brought us. I didn't google how many times does the Bible say remember, but I know this: it says it a lot. 

I had left my husband as a nonbeliever in October, 1984, just as the leaves turned colors. We were reconciled in October, 1986—just as the leaves began to turn. 

So when I arrived at my old apartment where I had moved and lived after I left my husband in the brand new home we had just built that still smelled of fresh paint and wood, I gazed at the leaves on the trees through my tears. That was 27 years ago! 

God had saved me from the pit, our marriage was reconciled, 7 years later my husband received Christ—and He later blessed our "new marriage" with four wonderful children who were now in our lives—all of whom have received Christ (we never divorced).

Our mighty God is in the second chance business! And the 3rd, and the 10th, and the 100th chance business! What a God of restoration we serve! As I stood in front of my old apartment, I stood in awe of our God. 

I was filled with a taste of His goodness. I remembered how He was my refuge in that apartment. (After 5 months of living there and wrestling with God, I got down on the grey carpeting in that apartment and asked Christ into my life of July 4, 1985) Yes, I was looking at a place that was holy ground. The spot on our huge globe where my life changed in an instant.

Oh, dear, the timer just gave me a one minute warning! My piles are calling me!!

I wanted to tell the women (and you can tell your husbands that were there!) I hated to leave so much out at the end. There was so much more I wanted to tell you, but I felt we all had absorbed all we could and the young ones I felt need to get babysitters home!

Sometimes I hate we seem to always be limited by T-I-M-E, but even in that we need to trust God, for time is our friend—not our enemy—even though I need to be reminded of that quite a bit. God is big enough to be sovereign over it ALL! He knows we are but dust and sheep that need the Shepherd.

I take it back! I'm not just talking to the women from last night. This is for all of us. 

Oh, dear that timer keeps ringing!! Duty is calling me or I may not get done some things I promised Terry today, promised. So I will tell you what I left out next time. Enjoy my pictures of the apartment where I received Christ when I was 26, breathe in the fragrance of Christ's aroma in that place. I just took out the pumpkin bread. I wish you could smell the pumpkin spice aroma off this picture, too.

"For we are a fragrance of Christ to God among those who are being saved and among those who are perishing..." ~2 Corinthians 2:15
I lived on the second floor :-) That was my balcony.
The manager, a single woman, told me there was a vacancy in the front building where a lot of "cool"
single people lived and that I would just love it. I asked if there were any other one bedroom openings,
and she said, "Oh, yes one more, but it's way in the back and not much going on there."
Not even a Christian yet I responded, "I'd like the quiet one in the back," without even seeing it. With all distractions removed, it would end up being the place where I'd be given a second chance in life
 when I received Christ—kneeling on the grey carpeting in my little unit on the second floor.
My tears were flowing the whole time I took these pictures for you.

Walk by Faith,


  1. I love to read your posts , I feel like we are having tea together and talking. The way you are real and human makes a difference in my life thankyou for sharing!

    1. You have made my night, Amanda! Love to you! Juana


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