Friday, October 12, 2012

About Last Night

Well, I broke the ice last night! I spoke in jeans for the first time! It was so comfortable and relaxing that I hope to speak in jeans more often. 

 I want you to meet Barry who is in the picture with me. He wired me for sound last night and video taped the message. He is a sound man extraordinaire! But that 's not what I want you to know about him. He is one of  the most humble servants of Christ I know. He is excellent at what he does, but it's how he goes about it that is such an example to so many. He doesn't even go to the church where I spoke last night, but he came to video so that you could hear the message, too! 

It was so much fun being with all the women last night. I read recently that it is good for your health to have some girlfriend time. I believe it! I love talking about and pondering over God's Word with women. Last night it every type of woman you can imaginge—all ages from single women to a woman who had been married for 47 years.

Remember I was giving away a free copy of the new Zondervan book by Shelia Wray Gregoire "The Good Girls' Guide to Great Sex"? I had asked event coordinator  to decide how to give it away and she decided it would go to the woman who had been married the shortest. One young woman had only been married a year and a half, and believe me—she and her husband ought to have a great weekend if all she does is flip through the book and give her husband a little husband attention!

❦ ❦  ❦  ❦  ❦  ❦  ❦  ❦  ❦ 

I told everyone last night that I would try to give you the powerpoint slides so you can have some of the key quotes and scriptures that went along with our topic of Seeing God in Everything... in yourself, in your husband, in your children (we didn't have time for this one!) and in your singleness.  

There's so much more to explain the slides below, especially with me giving them to you like this, but I must go right now to take Mary to her violin lesson! Come back to the blog in a couple days, and I will give you the words around all this! I didn't want to hold it up. Here are some of the quotes that were on the power point:

"One sparrow shall not fall from the ground without your Father ... the very hairs on your head are all numbered." Matthew 10:29,30

"I believe in the providence but not in the specialty. I do not believe that God lets the thread of my affairs go for 6 days and on the 7th evening takes it up for a moment The special providences are no exception to the rule. They are common to all men at all moments.But God's care is more evident in some instances of it than in others, to the dim and bewildered vision of humanity. Men sees and calls them providences. It would be gloriously better if he could believe the whole matter is one grand providence." ~George MacDonald 

"One sparrow shall not fall from the ground without your Father ... the very hairs on your head are all numbered." Matthew 10:29,30

"The will of God is infinitely bigger than we imagine. The will of God is much harder that you thought. The will of God is very different than you thought it would be . But it is going to be more glorious than we imagine." ~Elisabeth Elliot 

Learn to see God in yourself.

“Lord, I am willing to receive what you send, to lack what you withhold, to suffer what you inflict, to be what you require." ~anonymous

Learn to see God in your husband. 

I'm to submit to my husband as though he were Jesus Christ. 

If we insist on equality, we refuse the divine order.

Learn to see God Himself in your singleness

"Strive to see God in all things without exception. Do not smother yourself...If you start smothering yourself with a host of cares and longings and wishes ... you will be disabling yourself from serving God with all your heart." ~Saint Francis de Sales

Walk by Faith, 


  1. Jauna-I can't wait to see the slide show and hear what you had to say! I am so sorry that my mom and I missed it. Your enthusiasm about God and life is contagious, and I applaud you and look forward to your daily blog. Love, Mae

    1. Hi Mae! I was so excited to get this note from you:-) I wish you could have attended too, but no worries...I am going to do my best to blog about the message I gave because I want my readers to who wanted to go but who lived too far away to be able to hear it. Most of it is not original with me except the illustrations! I love love love giving out God's Word both speaking it and writing it:-) I hope you are doing well, tell your Mama I think of her often! Love, Juana


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