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 a delightfully gifted speaker who instantly captivates her audience.
                                                                        —Sallie Hite McDaniel
                                                                   Author of Jesus is My Thesis

 I highly recommend her to you!
Valerie Elliot Shepard,
Daughter of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot

 She inspires us to live our lives to glorify Christ.
Jayne Hodges,
Marriage Mentor Coordinator, Capital Community Church

 Juana's messages always point us to Jesus ...
Anne Stancil,
Pastor's Wife, Former Women's Ministry Director, Providence Baptist Church

 It felt like Juana was part of our church family!
Jennifer Morgan
                                                                   Retreat Director, Christ Covenant Church

 Juana spoke to women from all walks of life ...

... she deepened my love for the Gospel ... 

  ... she gave me a sense of peace regarding God's sovereignty over life's struggles.
Rachel Lee Brady
                                                                   Finance Director, Mark Harris for US Senate

Thank you for considering me for your speaker for your next event. I am honored and appreciate you stopping by.

I can promise you this: I will give it 110%. I will share very personally for your event or group, and I will be Biblical and seek to be practical. We will cry together, and we will laugh together. I also like us to have fun as we worship God together, and learn from Him. Thank you again for considering me as your speaker. I am honored to be considered.

I typically speak for women's events, and am delighted to be considered for your particular event. The topics I speak the most frequently on are faith and marriage. I offer a unique perspective on marriage as I once left my husband and we were separated for almost two years to the day. More below on that. I like to tell of the tangible difference Christ makes in a marriage in practical ways.

I also speak about joy in undesirable circumstances and suffering using the birth of our fourth child who was born totally blind. You can find a summary of speaking topics by clicking here

I can fine tune the message you want for your particular audience.

People often ask me if my daughter, Mary, who is blind, can also come and sing. Weekends, summer and school breaks are better if you would like her to come with me. 

Here is a quick look at an overview of this page below. Just scroll down to read the section of most interest to you.
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  • • My Biography
  • • What Others Are Saying (in more detail than above)

A Little Bit About Me

I am the author of Choosing Him All Over Again: A Story of Romance and Redemption (Ambassador International 2015).

Yes, I nearly dumped my husband early in our marriage. I left him. I moved out. Then I came back. Then, he dumped me. We made it, and so can others. We just celebrated 35 years together on our last anniversary. That's why I love to speak on faith and marriage more than anything else, although I occasionally speak on other topics.

I sometimes speak on parenting and I occasionally speak about our youngest daughter, Mary, who was born totally blind. I also like speaking on time management and organization and other aspects of Christian living that don't fit into one of the above topics (I hate to admit itbut being a total messie at heart I struggle with doing what I need to doI need reminders for home and time management).

My message always boils down to two things: trusting and obeying God. One of the highlights of my life is being mentored by that great woman of faith of our day, Elisabeth Elliot. I can barely go ten minutes in a talk without mentioning something that I learned from her.

My goal is to deliver insightful content that is Biblical and practical that you can apply directly into your life (and into minelet's face itI speak and write because doing that helps me to live out what it is that I believe). 

If your event is designed to motivate Christian women to put Christ first in all areas of  lifeespecially in their role as a wife (but not exclusively, I always address singles, too) then I'm a good choice for your next speaker. I'm confident we'll laugh a little in the process, too.

My Video Clips

You may want to browse some of my speaking clips on my YouTube channel HERE.

Or browse a couple snippets below:

Here's one below of Mary singing with The Tenors just a few years ago that shows her personality too, that I love! 

My Most Frequent Topics

#1 Our Marriage Story (Essence of message about marriage pitfalls & trusting God through our story) 

#2 The Birth of our Daughter (Born Blind: Essence of message is receiving everything in your life as from God ~ Optional: for our daughter {currently 19} to sing at end of message)

#3 Seeing God in Everything (Essence of message is seeing God in your singleness and in your spouse)

#4 Time Management (Essence of message is seeing your time from God's perspective in all areas of life)

(#1, 2 and 3 work well in an overnight retreat setting, & 1 and 2 can be combined in one day setting)   

If you are new to my site, you may want to read some of my older blog posts to see the type of Biblical, practical content I give you may read a sampling of those by clicking on my full bio.

You can also check out my blog archives to read every post I have written. Beginning with the most recent posts to the oldest archived postsyou will find 2013/14 here, 2012 archives here—and my older blog archives going back to 2009 here.  You can also go to the top of my blog and click on any category that may interest you.

My Biography  

Raised in Richmond, Virginia, I graduated from Meredith College in 1980 and went to work for Xerox Corporation (after I bugged them to death before hiring me!) where I worked for 14 years in sales and marketing; ten of those years I was in a marketing executive position. Selected to work on a Governor’s task force in 1986, I  represented Xerox to my state, where I somehow was selected to receive the Governor’s highest award: The Order of the Longleaf Pine (something I have never quite understood how I received!).

I initially learned to speak and sing publicly in a festive environment (this is the kind of summer job where you keep saying, pinch me, am I dreaming?). In 1976, I worked at King’s Dominion Family Entertainment Park in Live Shows as a singer in the Kings of Swing Band, where I performed in front of large live audiences five times daily with two other young women (I never let them know I would have done it for free!)

I married my college sweetheart in 1981. With parents that comprised several marriages and a father that struggled with alcoholism, I had no role modeling in my life for Christian marriage. I left my husband in 1984, knowing that something was “missing in my marriage,” thinking I had mistakenly married the wrong person. 

During our separation, I accepted Christ, and my marriage was reconciled in 1986. Seven years later, my husband accepted Christ.

We later had four children, Blair, John, Alex and Mary. Our fourth child, Mary, was born totally blind. I was befriended and mentored by Elisabeth Elliot in what began as a writing correspondence, after being a listener to her radio program. 

I resigned from Xerox leaving a little over six-figure income in 1994 when I was granted the desire of my heart: to be a full time wife and stay-at-home mother. I exchanged corporate events in my high heels at five star locations with high-level executive clients in my role as National Account Manager to peanut butter and jelly cuddled up with my little ones armed with great literature, a few simple wooden toys, an encyclopedia set, and a Bible!

We then taught our children at home for the next thirteen years (nothing I will ever do or accomplish will surpass that fleeting time—don't make me talk about it for I will cry with thankfulness for those years! Oh, how they flew by!).  

I realized the dream of sharing our story, first in 1993, when our pastor called saying the President of Church Initiative, asked us to film our testimony for a DVD series on divorce care. I began speaking publicly in 1995, addressing women’s groups in churches by sharing my faith and story of hope in marriage, and leading seminars on order, home life, and time management for the Christian woman.

I was delighted to appear as a guest for three consecutive days on Elisabeth Elliot’s “Gateway to Joy,” Back to the Bible radio program in 1997 as I told how I got a second chance on the marriage, spoke on family life, and order in the home. In 2007, I was the featured guest on Haven Today for their Mother’s Day program. You can hear the soundtrack of the latter program, by clicking here.

My husband and I have been married thirty-five years and make our home in Raleigh, North Carolina.

I especially love being an older woman teaching younger women what is good to grow as the women God would have us be in spiritual and practical ways. 

I began blogging in 2009 (after one blog entry in the entire year of 2008! Who ever said starting a blog was easy?) and love the topics of faith, marriage, parenting, home, organization, Elisabeth Elliot, and life through the eyes of my youngest daughter who was born totally blind.

What Others Are Saying

"Juana is a lovely and godly woman who speaks from her heart, personally and honestly to her audience. She glorifies God with her honesty and candidness, and draws her listeners in with Truth and grace from the Spirit who lives in her. I highly recommend her to you!"

Author of Pilipinto's Happiness, daughter of Jim and Elisabeth Elliot

"Juana gave a personal and convicting testimony as the speaker for our church's women's retreat. Hearing Juana's story of God's grace in her life deepened my love for the Gospel and gave me a sense of peace regarding God's sovereignty over all of life's struggles. I especially appreciated how Juana spoke to women from all walks of life: single, married, young, advanced in years, mothers, believers, and unbelievers. I am excited to see how the Lord will continue to use Juana and her gifts for His glory."

Finance Director, Mark Harris for US  Sentate

"Juana is a role model of Christ-like loving. She offers authenticity, transparency and wisdom as she teaches truth and application to others. She inspires us to live our lives to glorify Christ."

Marriage Mentor Ministry Coordinator, Capital Community Church

"Juana Mikels is a delightfully gifted speaker who instantly captivates her audience. Whether she is demonstrating tangible ideas for creating family traditions or sharing poignant experiences from her unique journey with Christ, Juana is able to deliver a clear message that conveys her love of Christ through insightful, biblical wisdom in an approachable style, laced with humor and practicality."
Author of Jesus is My Thesis

"Juana Mikels was the keynote speaker at our women’s retreat March of 2013. Our women loved her honest sharing, her personal testimony of God’s grace in her life, as well as her warm and vibrant personality. By the end of the weekend, it felt like Juana was part of our church family!"

Retreat Director, Christ Covenant Church of Raleigh

"Juana's messages always point us to Jesus, the One who knows us so personally and knows how to meet each of us right where we are. In everyday life's joys and hardships, she reminds us of His unending love and constant presence with His beloved children."

Pastor's Wife, Former Women's Ministry Director, Providence Baptist Church

"Juana opens your eyes to truth bringing tears to your eyes yet joy to your heart."

Chairman, Community Christian Fellowship

"Juana is real, she is honest, and she constantly points you back to the only One who brings hope, joy, and peace - Jesus Christ. You will leave with a deeper understanding that God's plan is always best and he brings beauty out of our brokenness."

Writer, Blogger, Speaker, Women's Ministry



February 26, 2017
Neill's Creek Baptist Church
Time  11:00 AM
4200 Neills Creek Road
Angier, NC 27501   
Speaking Event, Juana Mikels
 Mary Mikels, Soloist
Contact: Carolyn Broadwell 919-639-6126

March 18, 2017
Wake Forest Leo Club
Dinner in the Dark
The Forks Cafeteria
Time  6:00 - 8:30 PM
339 Brooks Street
Wake Forest, NC 27587  
Speaking Event, Juana and Mary Mikels
Music from Mary Mikels
Contact: Susan Tyson


Break to plan my daughter's wedding!

April 9, 2016
Faith Bible Fellowship Church
Time  9:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Raleigh, North Carolina
Contact: Jean  (this event is  open to the public and will include lunch)


October 29, 2015
Capital Community Church
Young Women's Bible Study
Evening Time TBD
Raleigh, NC
Contact: Paige Barefoot 
(this event is primarily {but not exclusively} 
for the young women of Capital Community Church)

August 6, 2015
Bogue Banks Baptist Church
9:30 am - includes lunch

Atlantic Beach, NC
Contact: Amanda Arthur(this event is  open to the public)

June 6, 2015
Book Luncheon
 11:30 am
Contact: Sharon Birmingham
Beaufort, NC
(this event is closed to the public as it is a private group)
April 10, 2015
Standing Group Evening Zoom Conference
6:00 pm PT
Contact: Daryl Mallett
(this event is closed to the public as it is a private group) 

March 19, 2015
Women's Book Club
Carolina Country Club
Raleigh, NC
11:00 pm luncheon
Contact: Barbara Dozier
(this event is closed to the public as it is a book club) 

March 10, 2015
Emma Anderson Memorial Chapel
Historical Society Building
Topsail Beach, NC
12:00 pm luncheon
Contact: Diane Barnes

February 28, 2015
Princeton Baptist Church
Princeton, NC
Parade of Table
Juana Speaking & Mary Mikels singing
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Contact: Duane Haddock

February 26, 2015
NC Values Coalition
Oberlin Road, Private Home
Mary Mikels Singing
6:00 - 8:00 pm
Contact: Rachel Brady

February 21, 2015
Grace Community Church
Near NCSU Campus/King Village
Juana speaking & Mary Mikels singing
Women's Valentine Lunch
Raleigh, North Carolina
Contact: Mary Russ

February 12, 2015
Charlotte's Gifts
Book Signing Time TBD
Cameron Village
Raleigh, North Carolina
Time Management 7:00 pm
Contact: Charlotte Harris

January 13, 2015
Colonial Baptist Church
Women's Event
Time Management: A Distinctively Christian Approach to
Managin Your Time
Book Signing 6:00 pm
Cary, North Carolina
Time Management 7:00 pm
Contact: Karen Dallas, Jane Zepfel
(Contact Colonial Baptist Church for permission to attend this event)

December 15, 2014
Private Book Signing
Raleigh, North Carolina
9:00 am - 2:00 pm
Contact: Diane Mullins
(this event is closed to the general public)

May 6, 2014
Colonial Baptist Church
Moms Mentoring Fellowships Dinner Meeting
Fuquay, North Carolina
6:30 - 9:00 pm
Contact: Karen Dallas
(this event is closed to the general public)

March 13, 2014
First United Methodist Church
Cary, North Carolina
9:30 - 11:30 am
Contact: Allison Byler
(this event is closed to the general public
 due to space limitations)

November 6, 2013
Covenant Church
WE ~ Women Experience
9:00 Coffee, Fellowship
10:00 Juana's Faith, Marriage & Family Testimony
Greenville, North Carolina
Contact: Missy Hasty
Anyone is welcome to attend!

September 24, 2013
Priority Associates
Bentwinds Country Club
Fuquay Varina, North Carolina
Cost: $10 includes lunch
11:30 a.m  - 1:00 p.m.
Registrar: Faye Johnson

March 22-23, 2013
Christ Covenant Church
Women's Retreat
Raleigh, North Carolina
Contact Name: Jennifer Morgan

November 7, 2012
North Raleigh United Methodist Church
Raleigh, North Carolina
Contact Name: Ellender Smith

October 26, 2012
Capital Community Church
Raleigh, North Carolina
Contact Name: Jayne Hodges

October 11, 2012
Providence Baptist Church
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Raleigh, North Carolina
Contact Name: Leeanne Burda
919-829-9905 or 

To Register Online (no cost): Click here.

Then scroll near bottom of page to "Pie Social October 11, 2012"
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Contact Me for the Next Step

You may contact me via e-mail, juana(at)juanamikels(dot)com (fastest way) or you can follow me on Facebook or Twitter to start the conversation and check my availability.