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~Some of the talks listed below can be combined 

~A simple scriptural or topical devotional is available if preferred 
(such as Psalm 139, contentment)
~Contact Juana if you desire an additional topic
(subject to sufficient preparation time before speaking event)

1.Juana’s Testimony – This is the story of the break-up of Juana’s non-Christian marriage, continuing through her becoming a Christian. It also includes the restoration of her marriage in Christ two years later, and the subsequent spiritual headship of her husband. It concludes with the abundant harvest that was later given to Terry and Juana, with Terry becoming a Christian seven years after Juana, and in the birth of their four children. Central Passages: Matthew 6:33, 2 Corinthians 5:17, & selected  verses

2.The Story God’s Continued Faithfulness  picks up as Juana leaves a six-figure executive position in a multinational corporation at an uncertain and low financial time for her husband to be a full time wife and mother in her new role as keeper of the home. This talk also speaks practically to those who are working wives and mothers who would like to be home. Central Passages: Proverbs 15:17 & selected verses

3.Full-time Keeper of the Home – Called to be a full-time, dyed-in-the-wool stay-at-home mother, this is the story of the first twelve years Juana spent embracing her new God-given assignment. This talk focuses on treasuring this season of life. Those audiences interested in home-schooling might like this talk combined with talk #12. Central Passages: Titus 2:3-5 & selected verses

4.Testimony of God’s Grace in the Birth of Mary – No one but God knew that Terry and Juana’s fourth child, Mary, would be born totally blind and with facial deformities. This is the testimony of God’s all sufficient grace and His great concern for our hearts as we parent each of the children God gives us. Central passages: Psalm 139 & 1 Samuel 16:7

5.A Different Kind of Wife – Called to be a different kind of a wife now that Juana has become a Christian, this covers lessons that Juana has learned in her thirty-one years of marriage. From how to pray for your husband to learning the freedom God has in mind when He calls wives to submit to their husbands, this talk includes much practical application for the Christian wife including a role play of how Juana prays for her husband and ten checkpoints for refreshing your marriage.
Central Passage: 1 Peter 3

6.Mothers of Young Children – This talk concentrates on motherhood from birth to eight years old.  The season where Juana believes we experience the greatest impact of the fall of man, it is also a delightful, joyful time in the establishing of a Christian home. This talk contains much practical application for the young wife and mother who desires to have a peaceful home. Juana passes down Biblical truths learned from the Bible with godly wisdom she learned from Elisabeth Elliot, and Elisabeth’s friend, Barbara Tompkins. These women taught Juana how to instruct, correct, and discipline her children so they could learn to “choose” wisely. Central Passages: Hebrews 12, Proverbs, & selected verses

7.Seasons of Life – This talk looks at our life at a glance covering four distinct seasons. My hope for this presentation is that the Lord will “teach us to number our days,” that we will not be disqualified or have regrets in a later season in life by being faithful in the current season.
Central Passages: Psalm 90 & Ecclesiastes 3

8.Time & Home Management – This talk encompasses order in the Christian home having quiet time with God, and practically knowing and staying focused on your priorities daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Biblical principles will be drawn from the book of Genesis from the busiest week in human history: the week of Creation. Central Passage: Genesis 1

9.Family Celebrations – This is the story of our young family’s Christian celebration of “holy days” or Christian holidays also including birthdays, New Year’s Day, and other special days with special emphasis on the celebration of the Sabbath. Central Passages: Deuteronomy 5 & selected verses

10.The Character Quality of Determination & Perseverance – using the life of Helen Keller, in this talk, Juana uses the Bible to define the critical character trait of perseverance. This inspirational talk is taken from the life of Helen Keller and from Mary Mikels. Mary is Juana’s daughter who was born totally blind. A video clip is included at the conclusion of the talk of Helen Keller trying to learn to speak while holding her teacher’s throat. All will leave encouraged to face whatever difficulties may be in their own life with determination and perseverance. Central Passages: James 1, Hebrews 10 & selected verses

11.Christian Heroes, Then & Now – we all need Christian role models. Juana unpacks the lives of personal friends and Christian missionaries whose lives demonstrate godly character. You will be inspired in your daily life as you hear about the lives of Ahn E. Souk, Elisabeth Elliot, Mary Slessor, Gladys Alward, Jim Elliot, Eric Lidell, William Carey, Mother Teresa, and Juana’s personal mentors Macon Newby and Elisabeth Elliot. Most of us are not called to be foreign missionaries, yet the same God that led these humble saints is the same Lord that wants to guide us in our daily lives.
Central Passages: Hebrews 11 & selected verses

12.How & Why We Home-schooled Our Children - in this talk, Juana reveals how she and her husband came to home-school their children, how she had to wait on God for the “green light,” why they home-schooled their children, what their home-schooling and lifestyle looked like, what resources they used, and why they stopped formal home-schooling after 14 purposeful and memorable years. In Juana’s words, “No accolade or accomplishment will ever surpass the greatest and happiest years of my life— the time I spent teaching my teaching at home.” Central Passages: Deuteronomy 6 & selected verses

13.Seeing God in Everything - in this talk, Juana focuses on learning to see God in yourself, in your husband, and in your singleness. If given in a retreat setting, it combines well with Talk #4 (or talk #1 and #4 mixed into one talk) preceding it the night before or the session before the talk of Seeing God in Everything. This talk is well suited when the audience is mixed with both married and single women. Central Passages: Matthew 10:29 & selected verses

As always, feel free to email me to fine tune the talk you'd like for your audience.,

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