Mary's Story

On April 5, 1997, our daughter Mary was born. Mary was born totally blind, and with a cleft lip. Click the green box below to read the letter I wrote on Mother’s Day 1997, when Mary was about one month old. Gather your kids and click the blue box below to meet Mary. They will hear a sample of how Mary can use her voice... hold on to your seat when you hear her sing...the top link of her radio drama voices is my personal favorite!☺

For a great finale, listen to her sing now that she is nearly 19! Just click my YouTube channel here. Check out my speaking tab if you would like Mary to come sing for your group or just email me at juana(at)juanamikels(dot)com. She often sings after I tell the story of God's faithfulness when she was born.

          Doesn't she have beautiful hands?



  1. Just this morning as I was reading from 1 Samuel to Mary, she said... "Here comes my favorite part! ...'Man sees the outside appearance, but God sees the heart!'"

    Walking by faith not sight, Juana

    1. Thank you x I am on part three of your book - I found it through prayer and it has encouraged me greatly - you feel like a friend ( What a friend we have in Jesus).
      Your personal story is a gift to me at this time, our circumstances are not too dissimilar and I've been praying and have been drawn to you and your book and it's truely an answer from God - Praise and Glory to Him
      To find you on the internet is also a gift, our God is real and I too have stories of miracles that I am blessed with, my daughter has spent a day in heaven ( had a nine hour operation to remove brain tumour - 11years ago - she was returned to us and has blessed us with her faith and testimony since). I have made mistakes though and sinned and I have be deceived by the enemy, I'm truly sorry and have prayed for forgiveness that I'm so thankful for - Jesus, thank you.
      Finding you has given me encouragement at a time that I needed it, a gift from our Father - thank you for sharing. Always a bigger picture and all works for good for those that Love the Lord - Amen.
      Please say a prayer for my husband to forgive and return to me and our family - thank you. Julietta Howell Cardiff Wales

  2. I am thankful for your beautiful outlook on your daughter. How easy would it have been for you to just fall apart in dispair. But you looked to the Lord for your comfort and guidance. We can read those scriptures over and over but when we are going through our trials and are falling apart that is when their meaning really becomes alive. Thank you Jesus for your comfort!

    1. Crystal, I'm so glad we've "met" through my blog! There are no coincidences with God. I love your mother's heart for your boys, and I will keep praying for your son. I'm so encouraged by your comment, and just knowing that we can encourage one another! Love, Juana

  3. Dear Juana,

    it is my firm belief that in a fallen world, fallen from the original plan the CREATOR had for his creatures He permits us to have children with a handicap to TEST OUR HEARTS, OUR COMMITMENT to Him, to His good, perfect and acceptable will for ALL of our lives.

    Are we willing to FOLLOW and TRUST Him even when the perfect and idealized picture of what a successful Christian should be is completely shattered by the birth of a handicapped child.

    At the same time He wants us to experience the TRUTH and BEAUTY of the fact that our handicapped sons and daughters (I have 2 daughters, one of them has Down Syndrom, aged 21) CAN soar way up high, over and above any of our highest hopes AND fears for them !! (Fiona plays the violin, too.)


    The LORD, CREATOR SEES us all AS WE ARE - without a handicap.

    HIS LOVE enables us to SEE WHO our children WITH or WITHOUT a handicap
    ARE IN HIS EYES and to faithfully lead them along the path that is their very own
    so they CAN become WHO they are!

    BLESSINGS to you and yr. family as you seek to FOLLOW CHRIST JESUS.

    1. Dear Anonymous, Thank you for your kind note! I loved reading it. I know you know what a special needs child is like since your daughter has Down Syndrom. How beautiful are the DS children I have met. So happy and dear! I love the verse that says, 'God uses the weak things of this world to confound the wise." It brings comfort to my soul. I see that in these precious children. Today we invited another blind child to the pool, and they were precious together. I am blessed to be able to be Mary's mama, as you are with your Fiona. May God bless your family! Please stop by again. Love to you, Juana


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