Friday, May 31, 2013

Mary's Story to be Featured on Monday Morning Newscast (June 3)

Hi everyone! Will you please pray with us? My daughter, Mary, born totally blind, now 16, will be on TV Monday morning.

Mary's story with morning anchor will air Mon June 3 on WNCN NBC/17 Morning News Time Warner Cable 17.1,1117 @ 6:40-6:50AM (check your local listings). Live stream of it at 6:40AM @ It will post Mon afternoon on & on Fb WNCN Today & on my FB Juana Mikels Ministries, and I will post it on my blog on Monday afternoon, too.

Pray for Christ's light to shine into the hearts of people who are in darkness! Mary spoke on being blind to students, read Braille music, sang & played piano:-)

They turned to me & said, "we are interviewing you, too." I had not even run a brush through my pony tail (nor washed my face:-( yuck) as I was helping Mary look her best & ran out of time! Had to repent of being overly concerned on externals when it is our words that matter! Yikes!

Walk by Faith,

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