Monday, May 6, 2013

Marriage Advice Tip #1 (from Successful Marriages!)

I'd like to begin today a series of blogs I'm calling Marriage Advice Tips from Successful Marriages. I recently attended two beautiful weddings. A good friend of mine who was hosting a bridal event for the brides asked several of our friends who had strong marriages to give their marriage advice so that the new brides could have this wealth of wisdom right at the beginning of their marriage.

I'd like to tell you in a series of blogs what they said This is good stuff! The marriages ranged from 8 years to 35 years of marriage, and all the women who provided the tips are committed Christians. You don't want to miss a single tip!

I am not going to give the tips in any type of order, I'm just going to roll them out at you, except on Wednesdays when we have prayer and the link-up on my blog. The first one is from my friend that has been married to "the love of" her life for 27 years next month.

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Tip # 1

1.  Pray daily together (and include your children in your family prayers, starting when they can talk)
2.  Continue to "date".
3.  Ask your husband what you could do for him each day before he leaves for work.

Walk by Faith,


  1. I really love that third one. It always touches him when I ask how I can pray for his day. And when he has a day filled with back-to-back meetings and he specifically asks for my prayers, he always comes home and says, "I can tell you prayed for my meetings." That makes me smile.

    1. I can just see your hubby in my mind's eye even thought I don't know him, Fawn. He knows He is a blessed husband to have a praying wife! :-)


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