Saturday, May 11, 2013

Motherhood—Depending on Jesus Broadcast

Happy Mother's Day weekend! Below are my four children—then and now—that have made me a very blessed woman! I love you Blair, Mary, John, and Alex!
The greatest thing I can do for my children is love their father!

I have a little gift for you for Mother's Day. But first, I want to welcome all new readers who are hopping over from Jennifer Smith's (known to many as the Unveiled WifeEncouragement for Wives Pinterest Board. A big thank you to Jennifer for inviting me to be a contributing pinner there! We'd love for you Pinterest girls to follow there! And now, your gift!

I'd love to share with you the audio of my visit on Haven Today Radio broadcast. They called the program, "Motherhood—Depending on Jesus." After I share our marriage testimony of how God saved our marriage, I tell the story of the birth of our fourth child, Mary, who was born blind. I come on right after a beautiful worship song at the beginning of the broadcast.  

Click here to hear the audio.

On the program, Charles Morris, host of Haven Today referred to a letter that I wrote on Mother's Day after Mary was born. You may read that letter here.

Walk by Faith,

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