Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Marriage Advice Tip #4 (From Successful Marriages!)

I just recently began a series that I'm calling "Marriage Advice Tips from Successful Marriages." The responses are from several friends that live nearby that are committed Christians. All of them have strong marriages. You won't want to miss a single tip.

The tips are not in any certain order, I'm just rolling out what advice each woman offered t0 some soon-to-be brides. Today I want you to hear from my good friend, Liz. She and Jim will celebrate their 27th wedding anniversary next month! Jim's car has a bumper sticker that says, "I my wife!"  You just wait—read on!
Liz with her hubby with Mary, my hubby and me
 last month at Easter choir practice

Liz says, "I love the talk given by Shanti Feldman who I heard a few years ago. I cannot really improve on her list but I did add a few comments."

Marriage Advice Tip #4: 

1. Die to self ... John 12:24 (having my way)...using tools of manipulation to get what I want try to out serve your husband

2. Help our Husband ... Gen 2:18

3. Respect Him ... Eph 5:33 (Tone of voice, body language, facial expressions)

4. Actively Appreciate and Admire your Husband

5. Our Appearance is Important ... (what I wear at night is important too-men are VISUAL)

6. A Good Blast off in the morning ... making sure he leaves in a good mood

7. Re-Entry- Be looking for him when he is about to come home from work (try to beat the dog at the door)

8. Meeting His Physical Needs: FOOD and S*X ... mealtime is a ministry... make s*x important to you as it is very important to him ... Be available-Pray about it."

Isn't Liz a great wife? Any man would love to have a wife who aspired to live out the above attitudes and actions. Pass this list on! Christian wives should be the best wives on the planet, for we know the author of marriage.

Here's a resource from Shiela Wray Gregoire via Zondervan that you could help you!
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  1. These are great tips! My husband have just started texting more because we both missed hearing from each other consistently throughout the day. :)


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