Thursday, July 18, 2013

Speaking in Fuquay, NC on September 24 & Emily Fountain's Witness in Life's Storms/Audio Here Tomorrow!

Hi everyone! I'll be speaking in Fuquay Varina, North Carolina this September!  You can see below the contact person to get registered. Anyone may attend.

Come and invite a friend who doesn't know the Lord or doesn't attend church! I'll be sharing my story of how I came to know Christ at 26, when I was separated in my marriage. I'll also be sharing how God led us through the birth of our daughter who was born blind. I hope those who live close to Fuquay Varina can come! I'd love to meet you, but be sure to get registered.

September 24, 2013
Priority Associates
Bentwinds Country Club
Fuquay Varina, North Carolina
Cost: $10 includes lunch
11:30 a.m  - 1:00 p.m.
Registrar: Faye Johnson

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Speaking of speaking, I have more good news!  Thank you for praying for me as I tried to improve the audio quality of my good friend Emily Fountain's God-inspired talk this week in Atlantic Beach, North Carolina. I was able to be there, but the quality of my phone recording was not as good as I wanted it.

My son helped me, and we decided not to record it to another device since it would degrade even more. It will go on my blog tomorrow straight from my phone! Yay!!

Emily is a shining witness to the Lord who yearns to know Him more each day. She shared on seeking God in the storms of life. I will begin airing that on my blog tomorrow. Stop reading my blog, and run—don't walk—to Emily's blog here

I'd put it on the blog right now if I had an extra 30 minutes, but I would be blowing my witness because I have a date with my husband to go to his fishing club dinner (fried flounder, yum yum, twist my arm) and I need to be ready in 45 minutes!
The 3 of us last weekend: me, my Jesus-lovin' hubby & my beach hair.
Celebrated our 32 wedding anniversary in April—a miracle of God's grace from where we started. Praise be to God! And I better go or he will be quite upset I was blogging & not getting ready! Yikes!!
I love you dear Sisters (and a few Brother readers out there!!!!)
"So faith comes from hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ." -Romans 10:17

Walk by Faith, 


  1. heart just leaped reading that you will be speaking in Fuquay, N.C. this September. I have family who live in that beautiful Southern town and I grew up and lived in Angier, N.C. which is only 7 miles from Fuquay. I will have to tell my family members about your speaking engagement coming up in September. Wish I lived close enough to attend! :-)

    1. Oh, Sheila, what a small world! I have a good friend that lives in Angier, I'm going to send you an email. I would love to meet your family members:-) I hope they can come! I hope I can meet you one day when we are near one another!

  2. Praying that your date (and your fish, in that order) were wonderful and that God's hand of annointing is on you as you prepare for your event in NC. I live in SC, but I've never heard of Funquay. . . . heading to Google Maps as I type! :)

    1. Hi Lori! Oh, I hope you can come! You spell it Fuquay-Varina. I know that sounds like a funny name for a town, but that is how you spell it! It is a suburb of Raleigh, NC. I'll be speaking one time, giving my testimony of how I came to Christ, how God saved our marriage from near divorce, and God's faithfulness on the birth of our daughter born blind. Love, Juana


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