Thursday, August 2, 2012

My Marriage Saved Story Mini-Version Part Two

In this 87 second video, I tell a tad of what I did alone on the night of my conversion to Christ.

To give you a crash course in what happened since yesterday's video (when I told my husband that something was missing in our marriage and that I didn't want to end up divorced), I concluded that I must have married the wrong person. To view yesterday's  Part One clip, click here.

I left my husband, with no intention of ever reconciling. I kept thinking "if he would just understand me, if he would, if he, if he, if he"...until five months later, when I became a Christian—my perspective totally changes in a defining moment of time.

In the clip below, I describe a teeny-weeny bit of what occurred that night when I was alone and what I discovered. It was a stake in the ground moment for me.

Those who know me well know that making the story short is downright painful for me. It's like scratching a fingernail on the chalkboard for me to cut it short. But this talk was over an hour, then the audience asked question and we went 15 more minutes. We'd be here till Christmas.

That's why I wrote a book—for those who don't want the snippet version of the story—I'll keep you posted when it's available. I do have a publisher, but do not yet know the launch month.

Tomorrow we are going to conclude this marriage series with a two minute video that will pick our story back up and tell you what God did against all odds. Maybe you are facing something in your life that from your perspective looks impossible. We serve the God over the impossible. I don't want you to miss tomorrow's conclusion, so hope to see you back right here.

If you have a specific question on this week's series, just email me... If it's something I think everyone will want to read, I'll post the question on the blog.

After that, we'll jump into parenting—but we'll be back to marriage again soon.

"The saint is hilarious when He is crashed with difficulties 
because the thing is so ludicrously impossible to anyone but God." ~Oswald Chambers

For nothing is impossible with God." ~Luke 1:37

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