Friday, August 31, 2012

I Saw this Jesus Poster in Public Bathroom

Many of you know that friends of ours were in a terrible car accident one week ago today in which the car tumbled over several times. 

Our family was out of town when my husband got word of the accident, and we began joining countless others in lifting the families up to the Lord. With a heavy heart, I stepped into a bathroom in a public ice cream shop, and as I left—I suddenly was struck with the words, "AND HE SHALL BE CALLED..."—this poster was on the back of the door!

As I stood there, I was awed with WHO HE IS as I stood as I read the list of names for our Lord! I have chills right now reading the names of Christ.

I later talked with the owner of the shop to thank him for having that in the restroom! He told me it has hung there for 25 years. He said they had posters before and people always defaced them. He said, in 25 years, no one has written a word on the poster of the names of Christ. 

I told Emily about it (my good friend and sister in Christ whose daughter was in the accident and is in a coma as of this writing) and I texted it to both Emily and Lisa today (Lisa's daughter Tessa sustained multiple injuries in the accident). You may read Emily's blog at Soli Deo Gloria that she is writing at her daughter's bedside.

I introduced the readers to Emily's family and Lisa's family in a post earlier this week called Meet the Fountain and the Jones Families. Four high school girls were injured and two remain in the hospital. Janie, Emily's daughter, who was unconscious at the scene was placed on a medically-induced coma, and Tessa, the Jones' daughter, sustained multiple bone fractures and has undergone multiple surgeries. Please continue to pray for all the girls.

Walk by Faith,


  1. Just proof that God's timing is always perfect! He knew you needed a reminder at that moment to ease the burden you were feeling!

    1. Thank you, SLE! I'm so glad I had my phone with me to take the picture so that so many others could be reminded it is WHO HE IS that counts! It's not about us, it's who He is!

  2. I saw the same poster in the same bathroom in that very ice cream shop in summer of 2010! I loved it, took photos of the poster, the memory has stayed with me since. Beaufort is a beautiful little place. I hope the girls have all recovered from the accident.

    1. So cool Tamara! Yes, the girls are doing well! Both have applied to colleges & waiting to hear! Such a huge answer to so many prayers!


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