Monday, August 27, 2012

Friends Make Huge Banner for Tessa & CaringBridge Site Set Up for Janey Fountain

I thought you might like to see this banner that was in the lobby of the university hospital where Tessa is—one of the girls who had shoulder and wrist surgery on Saturday from a car accident Friday involving four high school seniors. My son, Alex, is good friends wth Tessa and all these darling Christian girls;-) He took this pic soon after Tessa arrived at the hospital and tweeted, "Thank the Lord for the supporting community."

Tessa had just come over to see Alex a couple days before the accident. She brought him a graduation gift. Mary opened the front door for Tessa and being blind—she thought she had let Tessa in and Mary proceeded to chat to the air—she had accidently shut the door in her face leaving Tessa on the front porch! LOL!! Alex and Tessa got a huge laugh out of it, I'm sure. I wasn't here and missed it :-(

When I got home after hearing of the accident, the first thing I saw was a note for Alex I had jotted by the phone to be sure to remind Alex to write Tessa a thank you note. (Moms, can you relate?)

The girls had just stopped to get ice cream after leaving a nearby lake when the driver lost control of the car. While I don't know the two other girls as well—Madeline and Grace—please pray for their families, especially for God's abundant grace for the driver.

A CaringBridge Site has been set up for Janey Fountain, one of the four senior high school girls involved in a car accident last Friday who is presently in a medically-induced coma. Our hearts and prayers go out to all the families. Janey and Tessa's families are good friends with big families who know and love our Savior and whose entire households love and serve the Lord at our same church.

You can visit Janie's site here.

To visit on mobile you will find Janie’s site here. Or, enter janiefountain on your CaringBridge app for iPhone or Android.

Here is a picture of Janie's parents, Emily and Richard taken yesterday when we got to visit with them.  I thought you might to see the family you are praying for.

Emily has not had a lot of sleep, but they are hopeful. They hope to have Janie moved to a nearby hospital (same one as Tessa,—right now Janie is further away from home) since she was air-lifted to the closest hospital to the scene of the accident.

My husband led all these kids with our sons for three years when they were in middle school, FCA—Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I pray that through this accident they will gain physical healing and that their faith in Christ may be strengthened.

This week, I'd like to change what I had intended to write on and write about praying for others during difficult days and seeing God in everything.

I'm also going to dig through the Christmas cards to show you their whole families as you pray for them.

If you are a young friend reading the blog, thanks for reading this far☺and I pray that you will be strengthened in your faith right in the midst of these great trial of your friends. We will study what God's Word says on this on my blog, so I hope you come back!! I miss our young FCA friends!☺

Suggested reading today: Psalm 23 "The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not be in want." (verse 1)

Walk in faith,

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