Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Meet My Friends in Our Tuesday Morning Bible Study!!

Meet some of my real friends! Aren't they so beautiful?  I have been friends with some of these wonderful women for over 20 years! I wish I could tell you one thing I love about each person. There's only one person in the picture that's new to me, and I already feel sure she will be a new friend.

Hi Mary, Ashlie, Liz, Holly, Scottie, Carol, Susan, Rachel, Joan, Betsy, Pam, & Crystal! I love my sisters in the Lord! (L to R) 

I text one or two of my closest friends (Hi Brenda!) regularly if they don't already know about prayer requests or a weekend request for our children, and they text me in the same way. I love the support in prayer with my sisters.

I stood barefooted on Susan's beautiful sofa to get this picture for you, and forgot to even ask her if it was okay! (Susan is in the center in the pink blouse)

We just finished praying together using the ACTS method: Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, and Supplication. We praised God, Confessed (silently if preferred), Thanked Him, and Presented our requests to Him.

It was a glorious time of constant, flowing, random conversation to the Lord as we all sat in a circle. (sorry those I missed who had just left & were not there! I love you, too! Emily will be joining us by October as our teaching leader; many of you have been praying for her daughter, Janie.) It was a glorious time.

When we finished, Joan (smiling above with glasses on who is our prayer coordinator for the study) said in her southern accent, "Now, whatin' that fun?" (that's how we say, "wasn't")

Look how the sun is pouring down on everyone! God loves it when we come into His presence to talk with Him. The sun looks like His arms around us giving us a great, big group hug! ((hug))

Next Tuesday, we'll be meeting for our first Bible study of the year, called Morning Glory! We also have a night group called Evening Grace that some other friends from our church are heading up. (Becky, we prayed for y'all!) Most likely I'll be blogging out to you a little later on Tuesdays.

We are all about to pop with excitement! (along with about 150 women who will be in the study of the book of John this year.) Most of the women in the big group picture are small group leaders that will have 14 women each in their group. Scottie, Ashlie, and Liz are our head cheerleaders and organizers extraordinaire!

My main job is the inside greeter—and my friend, Debbie—is the outside greeter. It's kinda like inside and outside sales, except we're not selling anything—we're giving away water—the Living Water of Christ, as we greet the beautiful array into the building of all the women into the study!

Have a wonderful day in the Lord, and I will see you right back here tomorrow. We started the new Monday series last Monday on my blog on Trusting God in Suffering, (with a video clip Intro blog before that) and I told you I might also do that study on Thursdays with you.

The Bible has so much to say on suffering/seeing God in everything! (and I've found encouragement through the pen of Hannah Whitall Smith, Ahn E. Souki, Elisabeth Elliot, George W. Carver, Helen Keller, my friend Emily, my daughter, Mary, who was born blind, and others.... that I want to make it a two-day-a-week-series!)

For you planners out there, I plan to blog on dealing with temptations and our failures in our next series next which will will start around November 1.

New readers, welcome! On Tuesdays, Wednesday or Fridays, you'll get anything on the blog from marriage to parenting to organization (ouch! did I say that? Yes! I need it!) to something my kids or blind daughter are up to if it ties in spiritually, to a great book—to a surprise!☺All of it is to encourage us (yes, me in there, too!) in the Lord! You are not alone in this!

I'm so glad you chose to spend time here. I don't take your reading for granted! I love and pray for you!

"My heart grew hot within me, and as I meditated, the fire burned; 
then I spoke with my tongue." ~Psalm 39:3

(I post video clips, soundbites, photos, & my pen because, like the Psalmist,
 I have a burning in my heart, for His glory!) 

Walk by Faith,

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