Saturday, September 8, 2012

Psalm 15 A Gentleman's Psalm for My Sons

Last nightwhere we live, there was an annual, traditional southern ball. My son, Alex, escorted a wonderful, lovely, Jesus-lovin' young lady and very good friend. The blue and red ribbons are worn by the young men. This picture of Alex and me was taken in her home. 

I didn't want to steal her thunder by posting a picture of them together before she has had a chance to post her pictures. (you can revisit this post, I may update it with more pics, later!)

They are such good friends, and have been for years. I'm also friends with her mom. Isn't it a blessing to have good like-minded friends that share the love of the Lord with you?

My husband, Mary, and I were all there for the picture taking, and then we dashed off to a function that my husband wanted us to go to for his workas they all left for the ball. (only the young lady and her escort and immediate family get tickets to attend the ball because of space limitations) Doesn't Alex look handsome? ☺ 

My friend, Fran, the mom of the young woman whom Alex escorted, called me yesterday morning and said she was praying Psalm 15 over Alex. Isn't it wonderful to have friends who pray for your children? What a gift to us when I heard that! 

Well, you better believe when I heard her voicemail, it didn't take me two minutes to find my Bible and find out what it said. She called it, "A Gentleman's Psalm." 

I loved itand am adding it to my prayers for both of my sons' lives—that they will live lives of integrity—set apart for Christ.  (Alex, 18, on left below, John, 20, on right)

I want to be faithful in praying for my sons to lead godly lives! "... A wise son brings joy to his father..." (Proverbs 10:1) I also pray for a godly wives for them in God's time! I want to be a praying mother.
Lord, who may dwell in your sacred tent?
    Who may live on your holy mountain?
 The one whose walk is blameless,
    who does what is righteous,
    who speaks the truth from their heart;
 whose tongue utters no slander,
    who does no wrong to a neighbor,
    and casts no slur on others;
 who despises a vile person
    but honors those who fear the Lord;
who keeps an oath even when it hurts,
    and does not change their mind;
 who lends money to the poor without interest;
    who does not accept a bribe against the innocent.
Whoever does these things
    will never be shaken.
                                                      ~Psalm 15:1-5

Walk by Faith,


  1. You are a precious friend and dear Alex, indeed, a gentleman.

  2. Thank you for posting the Psalm! I have it marked in my Bible now for my son. I hope Alex had a wonderful evening!

    1. Yes, they both did, thank you! They went to IHOP after all was over, and with her lovely white gown, and his tux, the staff at IHOP & the customers thought it was their wedding day! What a beautiful image (albeit they had no idea they had been to a traditional ball and it was not their wedding day) of what young people can have if they save themselves for God's choice & do it His way!

  3. Juana,
    The Lord has blessed us with 8 sons. I am going to add this psalms to my prayers for them.
    Thanks you for sharing this , and thank your friend too! You are truly blessed to have her in your life!

    1. Trisha, I somehow missed seeing your comment until just now! Wow! 8 sons!!! What a rich woman you are to have so many sons! Thank you so much for taking time to write:-)


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