Friday, September 28, 2012

Meet My Daughters ~ A Total Blessing!

This is my daughter, Blair!  More photos below! (I have her permission to post this!) I'm so proud of her—especially her courage! She graduated from college and sought a job and secured one several states away in a large city with a communications company. She is a gifted creative writer (which I say began with all the great literature we read aloud when we home-schooled her until the 9th grade;-)

She recently gave me lots of practical help when I revamped my website.  She went to a small, private girls' high school where we live, and wrote up a storm (we've done all 3: home school 13 years, private school for high school for Blair, and public school primarily for high school for the boys & for Braille support for Mary).

Yesterday was my birthday, and Blair mailed me an elegant glass decanter and cup for my bedside table:-) If you're reading Blair, you already know how much I love it, & how I so appreciate your mailing it to me with all you have to do!

Blair prayed for a sister for her 6th and 7th birthdays—and when she was 8 years old, Mary was born. When Mary was born blind, I could not be with Blair to tell her. My concerns for her were relieved when I was told that upon hearing she had a little sister and that she was born blind she immediately said, "She's going to grow up to write lots of hymns!"

I knew in my heart she was drawing comfort from her memory of the stories I had told her when she was four about the life of Fanny Crosby. Fanny loved the Lord and was blind—and she wrote thousands of hymns.

The next morning after Mary's birth, my husband noticed Blair making her bed with her eyes closed. She helped me so much when we brought Mary home from the hospital. There was an overwhelming outpouring of love on us from friends in our community. Blair answered every phone call, voicemail, and doorbell—so I could concentrate on our new baby.

For those who have not met Mary before, you might enjoy reading more about her or the letter I wrote when she was born. You can click here.

Listen to this poem called, "Wanted: A Girl," that I found in the book, "Moral Lessons of Yesteryear," compiled by A.L. Byers. You can share it with your little girls:

The girls that are wanted are good girls—
Girls that are mother's right hand,
That fathers and brothers can trust in,
And the little ones can understand.

Girls that are fair on the hearthstone,
And pleasant when nobody sees;
Kid and sweet to their own folk,
Ready and anxious to please.

Girls that are wanted are wise girls, 
that know what to do and to say;
That drive with a smile or a soft word 
The wrath of a household away.

The girls that are wanted are good girls—
Good from the heart to the lips;
Pure as the lily is white and pure 
From its heart to its sweet leaf-tips.

Enjoy my favorite picture of Blair and Mary, and then some photos from Mary's room. Blair helped me to decorate Mary's room.

Blair decorated Mary's room with the little dresses that she & Mary wore when they were newborns.
This little pink hairpin box is in Mary's bathroom, I think it's so feminine & pretty. It reminds me of hiding God's Word in your heart somehow because God's word is beautiful and tucked inside our hearts when we memorize it.
The family that lived here before us had a little girl & the bathroom already had pink stripes!
I'm not too crafty, but a friend suggested I get this rusty iron decorated piece (it was not at all expensive, under $10!) and I painted it pink and sponged white paint on top!
I found these great tactile towels for Mary!
And these tactile heart towels!
A talented friend named Bunny painted this for Mary!
I totally described every frame of this border in Mary's room to her. It was already there when we moved in the house!
I love this tactile pink monogram on Mary's comforter.
I had picked out Proverbs 24:3-4 before Mary was born. It said she was a rare and beautiful treasure, which I believe about all four of our children (and all children!). When I picked it out, I didn't know just how rare and beautiful Mary would be since I did not know she would be born blind. 
Mary's first tactile picture she made with some help!
I put Mary's hair in a pony tail everyday from when she was 4 til about 8! I like this profile picture of her. I noticed that many of the childhood pictures of Helen Keller are also profile pictures.
My friend Emily S. had this made for Mary when she was born. She knew I loved this quote by Fanny Crosby (the Christian blind hymn writer that Blair thought of when she heard her little sister was born blind) I believe Mary's heart is reflected in the very words that Fanny wrote when she was only nine.

Now, I have a gift for you. Would you like a surprise treat? Listen to Mary sing recently here, and gather your children for Mary's radio drama here.

I love you, Blair and Mary! You bless me so much! I love having girls!!!

"Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, The fruit of the womb is a reward. Like arrows in the hand of a warrior, So are the children of one's youth." ~Psalm 127:3-4

Walk by Faith, 


  1. enjoyed this post. . . make me smile. . you are a blessed momma. . .

    1. awwwww... how sweet Su! I'm glad they put a smile on your face :-) Children are a blessing!!! I'm glad you know that firsthand with your housefull!!!

  2. such a joy to read! Thanks for sharing Juana!

    1. Hi Anonymous! I'm so glad you read it:-) God bless!

  3. This post fills me with have two blessed daughters!!!

  4. Oh, Kenneth! What a sweet note!!! Yes, I am very blessed :-) and you bless me by faithfully reading! May I be a spiritual mother for you, too ☺

  5. Juana,
    I have never been to your dear blog before, but I am deeply touched and so thankful to have found you (on WLWW) :)
    May I ask a favor? I would love you to share this on 'EOA' at Deeprootsathome. what an encouragement it will be to many. I'm always looking for something like this..Thank you and Blessings!

    1. Oh, Jacqueline, I would be honored to! I will head over there right now :-) I am so thankful you read, and took the time to tell me you were touch. You know how much it means to read an encouraging comment!!! Love, Juana

  6. Hi Juana, I am visiting from the link-up over at EOA. I really enjoyed reading along. As a young mom (and a homeschooler) its an encouragement to me to hear people speak so positively about their kids. Too often all I hear are complaints! Thanks for sharing such an uplifting point of view.

  7. My name is Trisha and we named our daughter Mary Elizabeth also ! I love the pictures of her room, so beautiful that you gave her such a wonderful enviroment to be in. What joy she must take in the descriptions !
    How old is your Mary ? Ours just turned 9.
    May the Lord continue to richly bless you with joy as you mother your sweet Mary !

    1. Oh, Trisha, I somehow missed seeing your message for 4 months! Mary is a very petite 15 now! I can't believe how the time has flown. Tell your Mary Elizabeth that our Mary Elizabeth said hello!!! With love, Juana P.S. Tomorrow my older daughter turns 24!


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