Monday, September 10, 2012

Trusting God in Suffering Series Begins TODAY! (+Janie/Tessa Update)


I'm so excited to be starting a new series on Trusting God in Suffering today! It'll be each Monday for the next several weeks! Is it brand new (woo-hoo, loud cheer!) & I'm writing it as I go! You'll hear from my heroes and even little known about heroes whose lives inspire me to go deeper in practical ways in faith!

Be sure to check the blog on Thursdays too (or can also follow on Facebook at Juana Mikels Ministries or click here for that link), because I might add that day to our series some weeks so we can cover a little bit more on this much needed subject. (I know I need it!) The other days (except Sundays!), I'll still be posting on marriage, parenting, homemaking, homeschooling, organization, or books or SURPRISES I love and want to pass on to you!)

Now if you're thinking, but I'm not really suffering big time, like some people are. Well, just maybe God has something for you, too! Last time I gave a short video intro into suffering and defined it like this:

Suffering is having what you don't wantor wanting what you don't have.

That really covers just about every form of suffering imaginable, doesn't it?

So don't think God is too busy for your little troubles. He cares about the details of our lives, doesn't he?

I remember when I was in sales for Xerox Corporation. We often had sales meetings around the state where I live, and we would have overnight trips and be placed with a roommate. I loved my friend—we'll call her Rebecca (not her name) whom I was paired up with one trip to share a room.

Late that night, after the sales meeting and dinner with the whole group, we put on our pajamas and stayed up talking late. I had only been a Christian a couple of years, and I wanted everyone to know and love the One who died for them.

Rebecca was a great mom, but she had suffered from the effects of divorce. She was lonely and longed to be married again. I shared my faith with her with our jammies on, and so wanted her to reach out to the One who loved her, created her, and died for her. I told her of His unimaginable love for her, and how He desired a close relationship with her, and to guide her right where she was in her sufferings.

She replied, "Oh, God has too many big things going on like dealing with the big wars, and stuff like that. He's not interested in my little troubles."

Oh, how saddened I was that night for her! I wish I could tell you that she embraced Christ, or that I later heard she did—but I don't know.

God cares about your "little troubles," and He cares about the big ones too! 

In 1 Peter 5:7, we read: "Cast all your anxiety on Him because he cares for you."

Think of it—the God of the Universe who created all the stars in the sky and created every emotion you feel, and made you, you—He cares for you. And He knows what He's doing. Our part is to trust, His part is to work.

HE cares for you.
He CARES for you.
He cares for YOU.

Do we get it?

His will is the will of love. His will is perfect. It is never to harm us. He may have to hurt us though. (huge sting with that, we don't want to hurt, do we?)

A good doctor may have to hurt the patient in order to get rid of something that is very wrong, but a good doctor will never harm his patient.

The medicine may taste bad, but the medicine is the very tool used to get rid of something very bad for us. God truly wants to work out everything in our lives for our good and for His glory.

I'm so glad you are here! I'm so thrilled that we are going to study how to see God in everything he allows in our lives, from the very difficult—like my friend Emily whose daughter was in a horrific car accident with 3 other teen girls—to the very mundane—like trusting God with people that trouble or annoy us. 

I can hear some of you right now: Can He really be in that, too? Does God care about the mundane, are you kidding me Juana?

Anything, when offered to God, can be your gateway to joy.

You mean, Juana, the very thing or people that annoy or trouble me, can be a source of joy to me?

That's exactly what I mean. (I'm talking to myself here, too, & in nearly everything I write!) 

The very thing we try to avoid that troubles us may be the very thing that helps us to mature in our Christian walk and can become a gateway to joy in the Lord. 

Our church sang, "I Surrender All"  this past weekend, after hearing the wonderful news this week that our friends in the horrific car accident were doing well, and one in particular—Janie, awoke after an induced coma due to a brain injury. Tears of joy were flowing—as we sang.

These recordings are sound only and not the best quality, but I wanted you to have the chance to "sing along" today with us. First is the prayer of praise by our Elder Russ, then a short soundbite of the song. Janie and Tessa are reunited yesterday for the first time since the accident last month. To God be the glory!

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Walk by Faith,


  1. Thank you, Juana, for sharing the love of Christ with us! May God bless you as you serve and worhship Him! love,Susan

  2. What an encouraging note to receive, Susan! Thank you for taking the time to say that. We all need encouragement! Stay strong in Him, Sister!


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