Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Meeting David Platt, Prayer Bowl Giveaway Coming & Wednesday's Prayer Girls & Link-Up Party!

I was thrilled yesterday to be able to hear & meet David Platt! He is a man of deep conviction for the Gospel to make a tangible difference in the lives of evangelical Christians in the world today through urging us to take a stand against the social issues of our day.

May I add that David is an adorable husband and father?

Speaking of adorable, I went with my precious friend, Henni, to hear David speak.
It was a glorious morning of praise & hearing from God's Word.
Henni & I went to a tea room & enjoyed sweet fellowship together
reflecting on what God had put in our hearts. 

David's passion, hope, zeal and urgency for the Gospel of Jesus Christ radiated from his countenance as his voice even cracked with emotion as he challenged the several hundred Christians that were gathered  on issues where professing Christians and Christian leaders have been strangely silent.

He urged us to take the same Gospel—which burns in our hearts and compels us to speak against the horrors of injustices like the concentration camps, poverty, starvation, orphans, sex trafficking and slavery—to stand in direct opposition to the moral disasters of today of abortion, sexual immorality, and so-called "same sex marriage."

David gave us 4 Biblical principles drawn from the book of Genesis to show that followers of Christ do not have the option of being passive and silent on these social issues. He was particularly concerned about the lack of zeal among younger evangelical Christians (although not exclusively younger Christians) against these morally disastrous social issues.

I taped David's entire 45 minute talk and hope to get that out to you next time, to encourage you to not be silent on these issues in your life, but to take a clear stand to protect the unborn, socially accepted pornography (and worse), and marriage—just as you would if you lived in the days of the atrocities of the German concentration camps or the culturally accepted days of slavery in the South.

I'll give you those 4 Biblical foundations David gave us from Genesis next time, along with the entire talk to the professional video. Be prayerful for God's courage to help you receive and then stand up for Biblical truth!

Listen to his five minute introduction and challenge to Christians!

It's Wednesday and time for Wednesday's Prayer Girls and Link-Up Party!

Before we begin, I wanted to mention that I'll be giving away two gorgeous ceramic prayer bowls made in Portugal for in September! Be sure to follow my Pinterest Page here, or my Instagram here so you don't miss entering the drawing to win one of these beautiful bowls to hold your prayers for others (newcomers may want to follow my blog here).

Isn't this prayer bowl lovely?
Mine sits on my kitchen table where we can easily pray for others after we eat.
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Walk by Faith,


  1. Praising God that my son passed the State Real Estate Exam!!! Thank you, Lord! Praying for sweet family time this weekend as my oldest is coming & our whole family will be together (first time since Christmas!!)

    1. Father we PRAISE your HOLY name that Juana's son passed the State RE Exam! It was no surprise to you Father, so THANK YOU!

  2. Thank you for sharing what you learned. I wish I could have seen him live!

    1. Hi Dana! I'm so happy to share it, please pray as I try to load the audio on the blog next time! Love, Juana

  3. Dear Juana
    Oh, I agree with David 100%. We should stand against these atrocities, but while we do so, we should also tell the perpetrators of these crimes how much they are loved by their Pappa God and that He offers them His life. Juana, we sometimes lose sight of the fact that the people that does not live in Jesus, live in the evil one. It breaks my hearts to see how he steals, kills and destroys Pappa's children. Dear friend, my husband and I both have bad influenza. Please pray for us for healing. Thanks for this post, dear one! It is so needed.
    Blessings XX

    1. Hi Mia! It was such a passionate talk straight from the heart! He was speaking to evangelical Bible-believing Christians who are silent to engage in the battle by RUNNING from pornography themselves or anything that flirts with immorality that comes against their own marriage, taking a stand for the unborn, and defending marriage in every way—including taking a stand against same sex marriage instead of saying nothing on all these social issues. I want to be bolder to engage in the battle, from forwarding through objectionable scenes in an otherwise good film, to asking store manager to not sell sexually explicit magazines by the candy!!! and helping to inform esp. younger Christians God does not leave us open in the Bible to same sex marriage or abortion as choices. Wow! It was a full message. But let's pray for you right now!
      Loving Lord, The God of all Comfort, I lift up Mia and her husband who both have the flu. I ask for your healing touch on their bodies, that they may get their strength back and serve you wholeheartedly from well bodies Lord! In Jesus' name, Amen.

  4. David is from my "my neck of the woods", actually about 5 miles down the road. Question, how can we enter for the bowl (BEAUTIFUL...BTW) if we are not on Pinterest or Instagram?
    Prayers for a sweet friend needing a job, and specific prayers that long overdue invoices will be paid by month end for my husband. He works commission only and the invoices not being paid has hurt the past few months. Could really use a "catch up" month.

    1. That's so neat Jana! I will also post how to enter on my fb page @JuanaMikelsMinistries, as well as here on the blog www(dot)juanamikels(dot)com. I will have a blog giveaway post, & to enter, you will need to leave a comment on that post. More soon in an upcoming blog.

      Heavenly Father, we lift up today Jana's dear friend who needs a job. Will you help this friend to find work? We know that work is a blessing to yield a return to live! Lord, we also ask you prompt those that have not paid their bills due to Jana's husband to do so! All of our hope is in you for our needs, Lord! You tell us in your word to owe no man anything. Thank you Lord for taking such good care of us each day and allowing us to breath the air to live and work! In Jesus' name, Amen.

  5. Hi, Juana! I think I am a little envious that you got to meet David Platt. I just finished reading and reviewing his book Follow Me and I think everybody should read it. He has such a love for Christ.

    1. Well Misty, we're doing things in reverse order. I hope to read Follow Me soon! His enthusiasm for Christ is contagious! So fun to meet him! Think of the fun of all of us being together one day loving Christ face-to-face in heaven for eternity! Welcome here, Misty! Love, Juana

  6. I keep hearing the name David Platt, but this is the first I really knew that he writers and speaks. I will check out Follow Me.
    It is so much fun to come and link-up here with you :) I hope you have a truly blessed week, Juana!

    1. So good to hear from you, Jacqueline! I so appreciate your stopping by. He is a pastor in Alabama, and he is full of conviction when he speaks, and delightful to meet. I just uploaded the his challenge in a five minute clip from yesterday's talk, and you can see it on my YouTube page, or in this blog itself since I just added it. I'll blog out the professional video as soon as it's available. Love, Juana


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