Thursday, August 29, 2013

David Platt Video Compels us to Engage in Today's Moral Battles

David Platt recently spoke on 4 Biblical Foundations from Genesis 1-3, and their relevance to today's culture. He calls Christians to take a stand in our culture for the Gospel of Jesus Christ. You can watch the entire video of this talk here. I introduced his talk in yesterday's blog here, along with some photos.

1. God creates us as a demonstration of his glory.

2. God designs us for the display of his Gospel.

3. God judges us by His righteous Law

4. God pursues us with His redeeming love

Watch the video to see how these foundations compel us to passionately engage in the battle against sexual immorality, pornography, abortion, so-called same sex marriage—and to defend marriage in our culture.
I'm all in! I'm taking a stand alongside David for the Gospel of Jesus Christ 
in the battle in these social issues! Are you in?
Walk by Faith,  

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