Wednesday, August 21, 2013

A Confession, Submission & Wednesday's Prayer Girls & Link Up Party!

I have a confession. Remember last week I wrote on giving our husbands attention in the little things just to show him you love him? I had surprised my husband with a bag of Skittles which I left in a prominent place with a sticky note that said, "I love you!"

I ate most of the Skittles. But it gets worse. I didn't even ask!

Every time I saw the picture of that brand new bag of Skittles I posted to you (I put my blog pictures on my Pinterest Page, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), I felt just horrible and knew I had to tell you. The good news is my husband loved the surprise, and usually he eats them (plus I'm a chocolate person, and sour candy doesn't usually tempt me in the least), but I ate a few each time I walked by them! I've always heard the best thing to do in temptation is to get rid of the temptation! Remember Joseph ran when Potiphar's wife was after him? (Genesis 39:1-20)

Speaking of our husbands and paying attention to them, I've been paying attention to mine and that's why I was MIA the last 48 hours!

We have a second home on the coast (we are in the process of selling it, and plan to build another one nearby) A vacation home can be a tremendous blessing for your family if your family is able to have one.  Elisabeth Elliot's family had a home in Franconia, New Hampshire and I loved to hear her speak of the times their family spent there (and a beautiful wall plaque they had which hung in that home which I will give you next time).

We came down to spend a couple days at the beach, and my husband took off work. I brought my laptop and pulled it out because I had several blogs planned in my mind that I wanted to get typed out and ready in line to go out this week. My husband was enjoying the morning as we were drinking our coffee when he saw me typing on my computer and asked me what I was doing.

I told him I was going to blog for just a bit. Then he asked me not to do that while he was here (he also likes me to not be on the computer once he gets home for work. We've talked about how I have the daytime hours to do that while he works, and he doesn't want me doing it after 5 especially if he is home. Since I get to be a SAHM, I feel it is the least I can do!)

As I type this, I'm reminded of dear Elisabeth Elliot again. She has influenced my life so much, which is one reason I write and speak—to share all I learned from her. When she was on her honeymoon with her second husband, Addison Leitch, she sat down at a desk to write her daughter, Valerie (her first husband, Jim Elliot, Valerie's father, was murdered in Ecuador in 1956). Add, as she called him, got terribly upset. He felt that writing the letter on their time together totally cut him out! She had no idea!

I'm so glad that my husband tells me right away what he thinks.

Now before you think this submission thing comes so easy for me and hard for you, hold on there just a minute. The next thing I said was, "Well, I'll just get out a quick blog that says I won't be blogging for a couple days."

My husband kindly replied, "I asked you not to do that." {see how I don't get it all the time! And of course like the Skittles example—it gets worse. I'm not only independent by nature—I'm stubborn! (not proud of it, & usually don't recognize it 'til after the fact!)}

"So you, don't want me to blog out a note saying that I won't be blogging?"

"No, that would be blogging, and I asked you not to."

So maybe today that little lesson in submission is more important that the two messages I was going to initially blog out on Monday and Tuesday this week.

Now before you get mad at my husband and think he is a control freak or anything like that, you need to know we've been married 32 years and he knows me really well. He knows my little "just blog a note out" would probably have turned into a computer glitch or some other such thing taking me away from our time together (and it always takes longer than I think it will).

We had a ball! He's also very good at working smart and hard, and playing hard. He is fantastic about leaving his work behind, and enjoying relaxation.

We listened to the rain, & went bike riding together & just plain ole enjoyed one another and our daughter, Mary, who was with us. If you, like me, love the sound of rain, listen to these 13 seconds: (he doesn't mind me taking pics )

I really enjoyed my sudden fast from blogging to just relaxing and enjoying my husband for who he is. If he was here, I think I'd kiss him right now. But then if he were here—I wouldn't be writing you!

❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧  ❧

It's time for Wednesday's Prayer Girls & Link-Up Party!!!

I'd love to pray with you. Just leave your praise or non-confidential prayer in the comments section, & I'll be back later to pray with you there. I have a praise from a request last week, and a new request about the house at the coast. God cares about the details of our lives, and he works right in the circumstances you are in!

If you are a Christian blogger, I'd love to invite you to share a link to a post that you've written! I love spread the word on your beautiful blogs, so everyone can grab a cup of coffee and learn from your blogs by hopping around!

Oh, to my Instagram friends, here is a bigger view of the prayer I posted for our children that I told you I would post.

Walk by Faith,


  1. A huge praise to God that my son studied many, many hours & passed his real estate course. Now he has to take the state exam on Thursday this week, so praying now that he passes that!

  2. Father we THANK YOU that Juana's son passed the RE Exam, we lift him up again as he takes the State exam tomorrow. We pray for peace as he takes the exam and supernatural recall. We also THANK YOU for the words of wisdom about our husbands last week and also her openness about her struggles with submission and eating his candy! :) You know that submission is something that we struggle with and we ask you to help us respect our husbands. Amen.

  3. Prayers for my mother who had eye surgery this AM to remove scar tissue. After 6 wks to heal she will need cataract surgery. For son & his wife as they return from their trip tomorrow. As far as the post from last week, I have called my hubby every day to say Hi and I love him. Oh and today is his birthday!

    1. Hi Jana & THANK YOU for joining in our good news and praising God and praying for John's big exam tomorrow! Heavenly Father, I lift up Jana's mom to your as she is by now recuperating from her scar tissue removal. We pray it will be successful that she may get her cataracts removed soon and see better.We also pray for travel care over Jana's son and DIL. We praise you that Jana has regun the habit of calling her husband each day to tell him she loves him. Lord, we pray their marriage will grow even deeper as you move in these little things. We thank you for his life and pray that he is given a thankful heart and lasting joy that only comes from you for his birthday today! Amen.

  4. Juana,
    Your post was very timely for me -- I'm on vacation with my hubby and eldest daughter, and I'll admit, I've been struggling to find the balance between doing what I want to do, and honoring them by spending time with them. I think when this week is over, I won't regret "neglecting" my pursuits to make precious memories with them. Thanks for the reminder :)

    1. Hi Lori! My husband always talks about balance. I think it comes hard for me. Can't wait to tell others about your book on homeschooling in the next couple weeks. Enjoy your family & thanks for letting me know the post helped you! So glad to know that! Juana


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