Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Introducing Video Marriage Blog Series ~ Coauthor of The Politically Incorrect Wife, Nancy Cobb!

I'm introducing a new weekly video series with co-author and Bible teacher, Nancy Cobb!

Click above for Part One of my interview with Nancy who co-authored The Politically Incorrect Wife (Connie Grigsby is the other co-author. Sorry background music published louder than I thought it would be—I will lower it in rest of series!).
Come back each week, and I will have the next part of the interview posted on my YouTube (click the preceding words "my Youtube," to automatically get video updates or you may follow my blog by clicking here). I wish I could tell you it will be each Wednesday—but just as soon as I say thatI'll need to post it on a different day next week because of home and family responsibilities. 

I don't want to blow my witness to you by blogging to you on marriage while my hubby needs me for something! I can always just post it the next day. ☺ God doesn't give us conflicting responsibilities.
Meeting Nancy—fall, 2012.
You might remember when I met Nancy last fall after my mentor, Macon Newby, encouraged me to meet her. I kid Macon that I would buy whatever toothpaste she recommended because I love and admire her so much (she and her husband Paul took me under their wing and taught me ways of God for 1 and 1/2 years when I was 26). You can read my earlier blog last fall on Nancy's marriage notes here.

I met with her a few weeks ago in her home, and videoed our whole conversation.

She was married 23 years before she became a Christian, as you will hear in my YouTube video with her.  I love what she says at the end of the clip especially when she came under Christ's Lordship:

• Instead of ignoring her husband's arrival at home, she greeted him at the door after making his favorite meal!

• She did an errand for her husband without complaining that she was not too interested in and told him she would gladly help him.

• She responded with kindness when her husband said something to her that was not appealing.

That's a life transformed by Christ!

Walk by Faith,


  1. I love that you have prioritized your family and outside responsibilities in the right order. Good on you for that, Juana!

    1. Thank you for the encouragement, Fawn! I have to laugh because I know God has a sense of humor over us. Just before I read this, I had talked over my daughter and my husband was trying to ask me not to do that but he had just put a nacho in his mouth when he bit his lip "for the 10th" time so he is not real happy with me or his lip at this moment. Then I got your sweet note!!! He has asked me not to talk over people (yes, sadly I do it to him, too, not good!) Thank goodness God is merciful and gives us more chances!!!

  2. Found you on HWC link up. You have such a cool blog. Love hearing that you keep your priorities straight! Balance is something I strive for each day, but it can get difficult at times, thanks for the up-lift!


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