Saturday, March 16, 2013

Elisabeth Elliot arrives Today & Chicken Soup & Roast Beef Recipe!

This is the day the Lord has made; Let us rejoice and be glad in it!  Today is the day Elisabeth Elliot, her husband, and their caregiver are coming to spend a couple days with us. The sheets are changed and the guest bed is ready below! They have come to see us before, but they have never stayed with us, so this is very exciting.
 A lot of people ask me how I know Elisabeth Elliot. I was just a listener to her radio program, "Gateway to Joy," in 1992 and we began writing one another. I have her letters below wrapped in a pink ribbon. Each one is a treasure to me. I was learning so much from her as a young mom, that she invited me to be a guest on her radio program for three days. It aired nationally and in several countries!
One of the many things that she taught me was what ministry was. She said ministry was anything that a Christian does, the way a Christian should do it, when a Christian should do it. It could be making soup for your husband! She said that her husband loved homemade soup. She said she chopped a lot of onions for his soup, and that that was a ministry!

Since her husband, Lars, loves soup, I made them chicken soup yesterday. It's so easy and good.
 First, chop up celery, carrots, and onions.
 Simmer them in some olive oil until tender.
Add 32 ounces of chicken stock, and water to your liking. I added about 15 ounces of water. If you like thicker soup, you can add one can of creme of chicken soup, but I didn't because I like brothy soup. Add some salt to taste, and about 1 teaspoon of Thyme leaves. I bought one of the chickens that are already cooked. Debone the chicken and cut in bite-sized pieces. Simmer all together. Add one back of rice (after you have cooked it).
 I also made them roast beef with carrots, onions, and potatoes that we will have on Sunday after church (You can't see the roast because it's on bottom!) I'm going to add one large can of mushroom soup on top, right on top of the salt and pepper. I will turn on the crock pot tonight before we go to bed on low and let it cook all night.
I didn't have another moment to make a homemade dessert so I just bought these creme puffs at the store. I will thaw them out and put them on a pretty place with sprinkled confectioner's sugar on top.
We are a little bit nervous because dear Elisabeth Elliot is now 86 years old! Sadly, she suffers from dementia. I know it will be very different from their last visit near a decade ago, but I am so happy for a chance to serve her because she served me by teaching me so much what it meant to be a Christian woman. I love her, as so many do!

I'll try to get some pictures for you. Please pray we will be a good host to all of them. I have their care giver's room all ready. (Blair, she is sleeping in your room, and it's clean as a pin!)

Tomorrow they are going with us to a children's violin concert that Mary is in after church. The picture below was taken yesterday at practice. You can see Mary on the far left in her sunglasses. 
 I just know that the music is going to be so soothing for everyone. My sons just got back yesterday from their first mission trip (Dominican Republic). They loved helping to build a church there and meeting so many little children who just wanted them to spin them and throw them in the air. They both say they want to go back. Thank you for praying for them!

Enjoy this few second clip from yesterday's practice—I just couldn't resist!

Walk by faith,

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  1. What a blessing to serve Elizabeth Elliot, who our Lord used richly in your life. The woman that God used in my life, I have yet to meet in person one day. I am sure Darlene Deibler Rose knows by now, as she is in our Lord's presence, that her testimony impacted me to fall at my Saviour's feet. Bless you Juana for your love and service to Elizabeth, a woman of faith and for sharing your wonderful experience. I love your careful preparation it shows your devotion to our Lord.


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