Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Daughter Sings "How Great Thou Art"

My daughter, Mary, who many of you know was born blind, sang at my friend's father's funeral today. I thought you might enjoy hearing her singing "How Great Thou Art." She had 48 hours to learn the verses. (no one but you will hear me prompt her a word:) I love the old hymns! Many, like this one, are prayers! It was such an honor for her to be asked. Below is a photo with my friend, Kim (whose father died) after the funeral today. Click here to see the video (video will be totally black).

Below are some of my college friends and me after the funeral.

The video of Mary singing today is a blackout, because I didn't want to stand behind her in the choir loft with everyone seeing my camera, so I put it beside me on the seat. Since Mary was born totally blind and has never seen, it kind of makes the blackout video help us see what she "sees." For more about Mary, click here.

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