Monday, July 30, 2012

Christian Wife Has No Love for Husband Video Clip

In the below 97 second video clip, I addressed questions from the audience concerning what a Christian wife can do who has no love for her husband and believes she has fallen out of love with him.

The video quality is grainy; it's a copy of a copy. The audio should be good though.

I'm experimenting with video clips to see if you like my adding them to the blog. I want to learn to blog better and keep up with the ways I can present Biblical truth into your life.

Every now and then I'll share one of life's funny moments as I did in the opening of this clip when my beloved and no-nonsense mentor, Elisabeth Elliot, called our home for the first time.

I look much older now—this was 6 years ago. I'll be posting this week other short clips from this talk.

Please forward this blog entry to anyone you know that may be in a difficult marriage or similar circumstances, and tell them to come back this week for more on this topic.

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