Wednesday, July 18, 2012

She Speaks Conference

I'm packing things up to attend the She Speaks Conference for Christian writers and speakers that will be held this coming weekend by Proverbs 31 Ministries.

She Speaks Graduate
Their emails have been so encouraging and reflect such a servanthood spirit that I want you to read a couple. Maybe you can make plans to attend next year (conference is full with a waiting list for this year).

I'll post live photos from the event on twitter, facebook, and instagram. I may even send out a short video on my YouTube account (all of these buttons are on my home page if you want to subscribe).

Here are some of their uplifting emails:

"We have prepared an oasis in the middle of the bustle where you can sit in the lap of the Holy Spirit. Each year we take every name from the attendees to the volunteers and pray over them.
The night before you arrive we arrange a room with soft lights and music, cushy pillows and chairs and a welcoming atmosphere for all who enter. Around the edge of the room are tables with the Names of God and scriptures telling where these names are found. After every inch of the room is prayed over, we take your name and pray as God leads us to a Name of God specifically meant for you.  We leave it there for you to discover during your weekend adventure."

"God knows you will need alone time with Him, so He asked us to prepare a place for you to escape from the noise and cuddle into His Presence.  A handful of women join me there to pray with women who need a shoulder to cry on or a prayer partner."

"...know that we are praying over every planning detail of this conference and we are praying for each attendee. During these final days, as you prepare your heart and your mind for She Speaks, I encourage you to leave behind any doubts or fears that Satan may have whispered in your ear in an attempt to keep you from this life-changing weekend."

And a note to ask the attendees to demonstrate kindness to the hotel employees:

"There are many expressions of love listed in 1 Corinthians 13 and all include us being intentional. As we enter the...hotel let's love intentionally. takes 130 staff members to pull of an event of this size. ...will you join me in loving others so that God will be glorified through His daughters. We will 'large' jars labelled "Love Intentionally" with holes cut in the top for you to drop $1 in...Our goal is to bless the staff and to express God's love for purchase 120 starbucks gift cards, one for each employee. So whatever we raise we'll split it that way....consider doing...things for staff ...Leave cards, gift cards, goodie bags, chocolate, shake hands, hug necks and above all may your actions reflect God's heart for the employees."

I'm signing off now. See you back here next week when I hope to be a better writer and speaker! Until then, hope to send you some good pics from She Speaks. God's blessings to you!

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