Tuesday, July 29, 2014

When Someone Speaks Against You & Wednesday's Prayer Girls & LinkUp Party!

 a humility that is still talkative does not run very deep.
 don't be angry about what people say. Just follow God and let them talk.

I say that I love learning about the ways of God, but do I really? What about when I have problems that I continually voice, or when someone speaks something against me? Can I honestly say that I want God's ways to prevail in all these things?

I am sorry to say that I cannot. There are times when more often than not, I am far too concerned with just voicing an issue I'm facing just to hear myself talk, instead of truly leaving it at God's feet in trust. 

And what about when someone says something against me? I have not died to myself if I do not humbly receive what God allows, and instead begin taking inventory of my list of self-defenses (even if it is just a mental list!).

Because the ways I have just described are my natural tendencies when I do not consider the cross, I have been greatly challenged (and helped, keep reading, please!) by Christians who have gone on before me. The deep Christian writings of Francois de Fenelon, who lived in the 1600s and early 1700s, stir my heart to what is good and right. He points me to the cross. See if he doesn't help you, too. (this is not exactly what you will read in the newspaper or hear on the nightly news... for it is rooted in the Good News.)  

Listen to the wise counsel of Fenelon, as he leads us in the ways of God:
"You will be tempted to speak out in a humble tone of voice to tell others of your problems. Watch out for this! A humility that is still talkative does not run very deep. When you talk too much your self-love relieves its sense of shame a little.
Don't be angry about what people say. Just follow God and let them talk. As far as people are concerned, you will never be able to satisfy them. Silence, peace, and union with God should comfort you from all that people speak against you. You need to be determined to do right in your present situation—but at the same time your quick temper requires checks and balances. Come to God often just to sit in His presence and renew yourself. Nothing is as important as lowliness of heart, and detachment from your own opinion and will. Stiffness and harshness is not the spirit of Jesus Christ."

May God help us to be willing to follow His ways, not ours! I need this as much as anyone. I have a hard time keeping my mouth shut. I remember hearing Elisabeth Elliot say, "Never pass up an opportunity to keep your mouth shut." We would do well to take her advice. Oh, how differently we Christians are called to live from the world's ways! Let's pray for one another—that we would dare to follow the high calling in Jesus Christ. 

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Walk by faith,


  1. Let's praise God that little baby Libby got to go home. She is the granddaughter of one of our regular Wed blogger's Jana H. Keep praying for her growth and for God's care over her as she was without oxygen in a difficult delivery and continues to need our prayers. I also would love for you to pray for direction for one of our children who is seeking God's guidance in a specific area. What can I pray for you?

    1. Abba Daddy, we thank You for Juana and her commitment to pray for us each week. So we are honored to pray for her. One of her children needs Your direction and guidance that only You can provide, so we pray for that child and ask You for Your divine hand over them. Thanking You and praising You in advance for the answers You will provide. In the precious name of Your Son, Jesus. Amen

    2. Thank you Jana with all you've been through to think of others and pray for my child! I so see Christ in you! Love to you, Juana

  2. Juana, I love the quote you shared. "You need to be determined to do right in your present situation." So true. It will not happen by accident. May we live lives determined to do right & please Him! Thank you for sharing this post today! Blessings!

    1. And thank YOU Joanne for taking time to leave your encouraging comment, Love, Juana

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  3. This is so good Juana! I am often saying FAR more than I should or need to. Your timing on this piece is wonderful. I am also a fan of Fenelon's book "Letting Go". I have read it and read it and read it. Great encouragement by way of allowing the spirit to convict my own heart. Thank you.

    1. Don't you love it Jolene when God times out for our eyes to read just what it needed at the moment? He's amazing how He does that. I was about to post something else that I was ready and wanted to post, but felt led to change it, so there you have it! I have Letting Go but have never read it! You have made me remember that a friend gave it to me, and I totally forgot I had it! I'm pulling it out.

  4. Thank you for this post, Juana; it was an encouragement and a timely reminder for me. Fenelon's words that you shared spoke to me powerfully as well--thank you--I'm thankful that the Lord led me to this blog. :-)

    1. And I love Rebekah that He led you here, too:-) So glad that God had a word for you, here. That's so neat how He does that, it is surely not me. What are the chances of you even landing on a site with all the sites on Internet. You have already greatly encourage me and I thank you by taking time to write.

  5. I am SO thankful for ALL the prayers for Miss Libby. She and her parents are just beginning their journey. Prayers of peace, strength and provision over them. And prayers for our relationship with them, for eyes to be opened on both sides and forgiveness to be given.
    This weeks post was written just for me! I know not really, but I really does fit me to a T. I am also thankful that I am not the only one that needed to hear it. There are others like me! Our adversary would like for us to believe we are the only one.
    Prayers also for a friend whose Granddaughter was born yesterday at only 25 weeks. She is only 1 pound, 7 ounces, but she is strong and doing well!

    1. Dear Jana, What a privilege to pray for little baby Libby. Maybe God has this blog for such as time as this. Heavenly Father, We thank you that you are never to busy or tired like we are Lord, you are always available, ever-powerful, all-seeing, all-knowing, all-everywhere God. Thank you for providing for Libby and we ask you to guide her parents in everyway that brings you glory. We lift up Libby's brain to you, Lord, for your perfect care over her as she grows. We also pray for the little tiny baby born who was only one pound. Help you to grow strong that she may grow up like Libby, to love and serve you with her whole heart. Amen.


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