Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Seeing the Cross in Old People & Wednesday's Prayer Girls & LinkUp Party!

Last week, many wrote and said they were so helped at just the right time with a simple word from my previous blog about when someone speaks something against you. Because of that I want to continue with the idea of taking up our cross but today, I want you to think of the old people that are in your life. 

I pray before every blog for God to guide me to just the topic for the day of His choosing. Then I believe what I write about is His will. Isn't it neat how God is in control, not us? What a life simplifier! Whatever that comes into our lives each day, whether it be grocery shopping, attending a board meeting, or changing diapers is His will for us, isn't it? "Whatever happens in your life is, in itself, His will." (Michael Molinos) So let's get to today's topic of thinking of the old people in our lives: it could be your grandparents, your parents, or a friend.

I know that when someone you love shows signs of even deeper aging, we often may try to fight against it—to try to hang on to the person we have known and loved for so long. But reading more from Fenelon this week, I discovered that by accepting the old people in our lives just as they come to us without trying to continue with the same expectations you had when they were younger, may be a way of taking up our cross. Listen to the words of Fenelon written nearly 300 years ago on the taking up of the cross and resting in the Lord:
You are bearing the burden of some old ones who can no longer bear their own. Reason weakens at so old an age. Goodness, unless deeply rooted, lessens. All the strength seems to go to the temper! Accept and welcome this burden as the cross.
It is a blessing that you have some free hours to rest in peace in the bosom of the Lord. This is where you will refresh yourself and gain strength to go on. Take care of your health and try to take some time to rest and enjoy yourself. As others grow older you should expect less and less of them. Don't expect too much of yourself, either.
I hope that Fenelon's wise words ministered to you like they did to me. I keep remembering, "as others grow older you should expect less and less of them." By the way, my daughter Mary, and I have some exciting news, we are going to go visit Elisabeth Elliot and her husband later this month for a few days. We are so excited, and I'll tell you more about it next time. Elisabeth (beloved spiritual mentor to countless women of whom I am just one) is 87 now, and was diagnosed a decade ago with dementia. 

Pray that we will be able to minister to her and to her husband, Lars, while we are staying with them. Lars wants Mary to sing for Elisabeth and her sister, and we're looking forward to meeting her sister, too! Be sure to let me know what I can pray for you in the comments! 
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It's time for 
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Remember, God desires us not only to be a believers, but to be wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ! May we listen to Him daily through His word, and obey Him!

Walk by faith,


  1. My son Alex has just completed a real estate course, and takes the exam tomorrow, then the state exam next week. He's been studying daily for hours, but I would love your prayers for him, that he will do well and pass both exams. What can I pray for you or someone you love?

    1. Father we lift up Alex to You that he will remember all he has studied for tomorrows exam and for the State exam next week. He is in Your hands and we know that You will guide him and lead him every step of the way. We also THANK YOU that Juana & Mary will be visiting with Elisabeth & her family and even get to meet her sister! In the precious name of Your Son, Jesus. Amen

  2. Juana, That would be my dream! I pray you all have a wonderful time in the Lord! I envy you. In the best of ways- E is just the most significant women that I have heard speak. So glad you appreciate her and get the connection time with her. Look forward to hearing how she is- how it went. Etc. Thanks for this wonderful place, Juana!

    1. Hi Dawn! Thank you for your kind words. Isn't it amazing how many lives she has touched? It is mind bottling. We have never been to their home, so it is a dream come true for me, as well! Mary is practicing her hymns in her room & in the shower!

  3. We have volunteered at Assisted Living Homes and one thing that is clear to us is that just as babies have been devalued, so are the elderly. The word tells us to run our race and to finsh strong and it also says that many will not finish strong, I can only wonder if that is because they are alone in a room without their Christian Brothers and sisters to undergird them. By the way, I think you have accidentally added 3 extra identical linkys to this post. Blessings, K

    1. What a good point, Kyle. One day we will all be old, and we will want the love of others. May we as Christians value the elderly! Lord, forgive us! Thank you for the tip about the 3 identical lists at the end of the posts. I have no idea why that happened, & waiting to hear back from the LinkUp Software company. Thank you for letting me know! Juana

  4. Am so exciting about seeing Libby & her Mom & Dad today! We will be having dinner together at their home. This is is the first time in almost two weeks that we will have seen her. Continued prayers for our relationship.

    1. So happy for Jana that you got to get your hands on your little granddaughter last night! We will continue to pray for her growth & health, and for your relationship with everyone. Thank you for praying for my Alex, Jana. He just found out that he passed the test!! Woo-hoo! Now he's on to the state test next Wednesday. Will keep praying for little Libby who is so loved and adored!


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