Saturday, January 12, 2013

One of My Favorite Prayers

This is one of my favorite prayers. You can pray it in the mornings or the evenings, or anytime that's best for you. It is very simple prayer, but it is not easy. 

I am willing to receive what You send,
to lack what You withhold,
to relinquish what You take,
to suffer what You inflict,
to do what You command,
to be what You require.

You can just read this prayer aloud and with an "upward glance" as that wonderful man from the 17th century St. Francis de Sales says, turn your heart toward God.

Copy it onto a card and put it where you really will pray it!

It is faith-building to admit how we really are before God, not try to pose how we wish we were. That is why I love this prayer. It shows I am His servant, and He is the Master.

As you learn it, and genuinely mean it, it can create an attitude in your heart of receiving whatever God brings or doesn't bring into your life. I had been praying it for five years (and had it on a 3 x 5 card) when my Mary was born—totally blind unbeknown to anyone but God until the day of her birth. 

This prayer flooded my mind in the hospital. My faith was actually strengthenedI knew that praying these truth-giving words had changed my heart—and I was filled with gratitude. 

I'm so glad we meet here. It is such a privilege for me to give you what others took time to give to me. It made a huge practical difference in my life, and I pray it does in yours.
Walk by Faith, 

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