Friday, January 4, 2013

Daily Living Bucket List by F.B. Meyer

Do you like me need little reminders to keep the main thing the main thing? I called today's post a "daily bucket list," but that's technically a misnomer. If a bucket list means something you do once—and you're done—then that's not what this is. This list is something you can refer to over and over again.  

I've loved this practical list by F. B. Meyer for years, and refer to it on a regular basis. He was a British pastor who lived about a hundred years ago, yet this list is applicable for all times and places. 

I keep a copy of it that I wrote out in handwriting in my prayer folder with my Bible. You can jot it down and keep it in your Bible or wherever it is easy for you to refer to it regularly. At the top, I wrote: Daily Living Practices to Organize Your Life.

1. Make a daily definite audible consecration of yourself to God. "Lord, today I give myself anew to you." (say aloud) We did this yesterday together on my facebook and twitter accounts:-) I was so happy so many wanted to do it together!

2. Tell God you are willing to be made willing about all He wants you to do.

3. Reckon on Christ to do His part perfectly in your life.

4. Confess sin instantly.

5. Hand over to Christ every temptation and every care.

6. Keep in touch with Christ. Read the word, good books, pray, seek places and people where Jesus really is. (It goes without saying, but I will say it anyway... good books begins with the book of all books... the and study God's Word!)

7. Expect the Holy Spirit to work in, with, and for you.

Walk by faith,

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