Saturday, January 4, 2014

You Can't Afford Not to Get These Time Management & Relationship Questions! {LIFE SIMPLIFIER!}

Hi everyone! Happy New Year! Doesn't it seem like we never have enough time for what we need to do? How wrong that really is! It is a question of priorities. I'm the queen of mis-managing my priorities! Maybe you, like me,  are in need of getting a jump start on time management principles to help keep focused on what matters most. Now is your chance!

Today I want to give you the soundtrack I made of time management questions (they are OUTSTANDING; I can say that because I did not write them  THEY  ARE A LIFE SIMPLIFIER!) to ask yourself questions to help you focus on the following six life areas:
  • Personal Needs
  • Family and Friend Relationships
  • Household and Possessions
  • Church and Community
  • Business and Career
  • Civic and Political Process
Trust me, you and I cannot afford not to go over these fabulous questions that get right to the heart of what matters most in life! THESE ARE TOO GOOD TO MISS! 

Click >> here << for the soundtrack.

I learned each of these questions from time management expert Gregg Harris. You are getting a crash course today, as you are going to get the highlights in 15-20 minutes and this was an entire weekend seminar! To order the entire series, go to Gregg's site and order the Time Management Seminar here.

In the above critical questions on each of the six areas,  I referred to "Part One," which are the Time Management Principles. You may hear that separate talk I gave to a group of women here. Part One is very rich and full. Allow ample time to hear it. I've chosen to jump start you with the questions first for each of the 6 life areas. I recommend you listen to that first to get started immediately.

How about you? Do you struggle with balancing your responsibilities and relationships? Which area above is hardest for you?
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  1. Juana, Thank you for the jewel of resources you offer in this article. This is my Lord's perfect timing He has encouraged me that 2014 is a year for me to dedicate to.... commitment. I have wasted many of my years, as a Blood bought child of God. But praise my Lord for his incredible mercy and grace my Lord has done so much even in the past month (long story).

    Time management is essential and I know I need guidance and certainly an understanding of the season of my life I am in in order to number my days and apply my heart unto wisdom. Oh, and at the end of last year I discovered Joshua Bell, definately a motivation for excellence. Again thank you so much - Living by the Faith

    1. Your note encouraged my heart so much Ann! I was tickled that you listened to the end & heard what I said about Joshua Bell :-) You and I BOTH need this desperately, Sister! So so happy that it helped you. Love to you as you seek to live for Christ, Juana

  2. I am going to come back this weekend and read this more. It goes right with the post I linked. I have truly been convicted this year to truly begin living a surrendered life..and the first thing God has me working on is time. It looks like you have a lot I need to reflect on and I am coming back to read more. I love how I begin truly giving, He sends others to feed. Thanks for this post...I will be back and I am sure I'll have more to say.

    1. So glad you posted, Terry and stopped by! I do hope you can come back and hear those links for the info I learned from Gregg Harris is superb. Looking forward to reading your post, too.


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