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Gregg Harris' Newest Seminar: Time & Space Management & Link to Advent Reading

Renamed: Sitting by the Fire on a Cozy Evening When ...

Yikes! If you are reading this post for the 2nd time (does anyone really do that?), you should notice unless you have a very poor memory that this blog is not the same blog it was earlier today! 

I was reading my next chapter in Michael Hyatt's Platform book tonight (with a clipboard in hand taking notes) when I suddenly got to the part where he said never reprint a blog someone else wrote without their permission. Michael said it was illegal, and part of the original author's "intellectual property." He said someone had once copied his entire post into their blog. 

Better stated, Michael Hyatt wrote it in the context of thinking someone may do it to me the blogger reading Platform {not from the perpective that the reader was the criminal! That would be me.} 

That is EXACTLY what I had done today!

I had copied Gregg Harris' entire post into my blog just this morning!

I jumped up out of my chair and ran upstairs to my laptop to correct my illegal behavior. I think my husband must think I have indigestion, because I didn't even stop to tell him yet what I had done!

Bloggers, don't try this at home!

So... what did my earlier blog say?  Well... I began it by saying the following paragraph:

Calling all Christian parents and young people! Gregg Harris has created another fabulous seminar, and now this one is aimed at kids! If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you know that my husband and I were deeply influenced in our parenting by Gregg Harris twenty years ago. That's when one March weekend, we drove an hour away to hear Gregg Harris speak.

I went on to say that Gregg was launching a new workshop and kicking it off this December 14 in Portland, Oregon. Then I said,  Read what he as to say about his new, "Masters of Time & Space Workshop" below: (I even showed this picture which I've decided to keep in this 2nd pass, sorta like a quote... kinda sort of)

(His entire post used to be here.)

Who ever said you couldn't make mistakes on blogging? Well, I just left a cozy fire with my husband to run upstairs and remove his blog post from my blog! So I just hit the delete button and it is gone-zo.

But I do want to give you an excerpt of what it is I wanted to write you about in the first place about Gregg Harris (By the way, according to Michael Hyatt who is a social media expert, excerpts are perfectly legit.)

I have always deeply admired Gregg Harris and his no-nonsense approach to Biblical and practical teaching. He has done it again.

He has a new workshop for kids to learn tools to help them in time and space management. He says it's for kids who "want to do hard things."

This can't be for just kids, if I know Gregg Harris' teaching style correctly. His teaching reminds me of something that C.S. Lewis said (I think it was him. Now that I majorly broke the law today, I'm not even trusting my quote sources!). Lewis said that any book worth reading at five should be worth reading at ninety-five.

I, for one, would love to take this course even though it's for kids.

Listen to just some of the topics he will address:  

• How to make the most of your "free time" without losing your ability to enjoy time with family and friends.

• How to decide what you want to do with your life (e.g. college, career choice, military service, marriage,etc.) while still being appropriately flexible and open to whatever doors God may open to you in your future

• How to set clear and passionate goals that stir the emotions enough to overwhelm your normal fear of failure

• How to overcome procrastination and disorganization with the overwhelming force of a dedicated life. 

• How to shake that terrible nagging feeling that no matter what you are doing at the moment, you ought to be doing something else. "

Greg Harris is also available to speak in churches. This may be a workshop you could bring to your church. I'll let you know if I find out if tapes are available.

Heading back to the cozy fire with my husband now. Oh, you can read Gregg Harris' entire post here.

If you're joining us on the nightly Advent devotion, you can find December 2nd's reading here. If you want the complete list of 24 Advent readings, click here.

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