Thursday, December 10, 2015

Part One of My Interview with Delight Your Marriage {podcast link}

I thoroughly enjoyed speaking with Belah of Delight Your Marriage podcast! You can hear Part One of the interview by clicking HERE. My apologies for talking at the speed of light! Ugh! I must have had too much coffee before the interview began! 

Next week I'll post Part Two. I spoke on the realities and difficulties of marriage and intimacy in marriage. You'll hear about doing our part as the Christian wife, seeking to make our husband's life as easy and pleasant as we can.

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Remember, God desires us not only to be a believers, but to be wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ! May we listen to Him daily through His word, and obey Him!
Our part is to trust; His part is to work.
Walk by faith, 


  1. Easy on the coffee next time then. :)
    Love that reflection. Only God can really fill the void in our hearts.

    1. Caffeine makes me crazy! Thank goodness God works through us in spite of our mistakes and brokenness! His power is made perfect in our weakness, Love & blessings to you Lux, Juana


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