Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Wednesday's Prayer Girls & LinkUp Party!

To clasp our hands in prayer is the beginning of an uprising 
against the disorder of the world.   —Karl Barth
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It's time for 
Wednesday's Prayer Girls & Link-Up Party!
Leave your prayer request in the comments  
& we will pray with you there

Each Wednesday I like to offer to pray for your non-confidential prayer request or praise in the comment section below. Please enter a prayer if you would like me to pray for you (and pray for one another!) and I will be reading your prayer and lifting up your request as I read it, or if you just have a comment (click the word "COMMENT" located below my signature below, under the colorful social media sharing squares:-)
If you're a Christian blogger, we all would love to see what you've been writing! Enter your blog link below to join the party! 
For readers, enjoy the blog party below! 
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It is my delight to pray for you! 
Remember, God desires us not only to be a believers, but to be wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ! May we listen to Him daily through His word, and obey Him!

Walk by faith,


  1. We had some much needed time with Libby last Saturday! She has two teeth and two more coming in.
    Prayers above all that we can think or imagine for the relationship with our Son & DIL, also for our 2nd Son who is having a very difficult time with life.

    1. Oh Jana that's wonderful! So sorry I was slow to get this great news! We have house guests until tomorrow. Heavenly Father, we rejoice that Libby is growing and developing and that Jana got to care for her last weekend. We praise You & thank You for the growing relationship with their son and daughter-in-law.We ask you to help the Hagan's 2nd son, with everything about his life, that he may put his total trust in You and have the joy that comes from his relationship with You above all. Guide and help Him Lord. In Jesus's name, Amen


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