Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Prayer for US Supreme Ct, Little Boy Movie & Wednesday's Prayer Girls & LinkUp Party

The U.S. Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on TODAY Tuesday April 28 on whether states can ban gay marriage, addressing a hot social issue in what promises to yield one of the justices' most important rulings of the year.

The nine justices will hear an extended 150-minute argument in cases concerning same-sex marriage bans in Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky and Tennessee.

The court will decide whether same-sex marriage bans are prohibited by the U.S. Constitution's guarantee of equal protection under the law. A ruling is due by the end of June. There are currently 37 states where gay marriage has been allowed to proceed, although a legal battle is ongoing in Alabama, with the state's top court putting it on hold.

·         Please pray through the day today for God’s presence in the court

·         Pray for wisdom and preparation for those arguing for the protection of marriage

·         Pray that the amicus briefs filed by 300 conservative legislators now supporting same sex marriage to have no effect on the court against traditional marriage.

·         Pray For the truth of God’s plan and purpose for marriage to prevail

·         For the protections of religious beliefs regarding the exclusivity of marriage between a man and a woman to be protected and upheld

·         For our country

Continue to pray in the coming weeks as the Justices research and write their briefs. 
Thank you to my friend Briane, for updating me now we can now pray for the US Supreme Court.

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Little Boy is a new faith-based movie that just opened last weekend. I plan to see it, but have not yet. The review in World Magazine said that while at times the theology is open to interpretation with some inconsistencies, overall the review said that the movie is "well-paced, well-produced, and very well acted." It is rated PG-13 for mild slurs in the film. An interesting note: a friend got a small role in the film. Luke Custer, of Raleigh, North Carolina, got a role as a POW. Look for him! I have seen him act in person, and he is quite good. I'm happy for him that he got a small part in the film.
Here's the plot description from World: 
"When seven-year-old Pepper, known as Little Boy to his classmates, learns that his father is being deployed to Japan during World War II, he appeals to Father Oliver for advice. The priest cites the passage in Matthew about how even mustard-seed-sized faith can move mountains and suggests Pepper begin to grow his capacity for belief by carrying out the directive of Matthew 25--feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, giving shelter to the homeless... "  The article goes on to say that the most entertaining aspect of the film is how Pepper amusingly interprets these directives and that the story is told mostly through a child's eyes.
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  1. OMG I know this! I've found it on the producer's Instagram as he was featured on Catholic_truth page. Must watch this. :)

    1. Hi Lux! I'd like to go this weekend! Look for Luke Custer in the film and credits. When I was homeschooling my children, his family homeschooled too :-)

  2. Praying for a great spiritual awaking here in America. Also that the supreme court will honor Gods definition of marriage

  3. Yes, our Country needs a LOT of prayer for many issues. More than anything, they need JESUS!

    1. Hi dear Jana! Yes! When you get Jesus you get LIFE! "He that hath the son hath life and he that does not have the son does not have life." (New Testament!)


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