Sunday, January 11, 2015

On Called2Action Radio, Faith Radio & Time Management Class this Week!


On Monday, January 12, I will be on Called2Action Radio with Steve Noble talking about my book. You will be able to call in, and possibly win a copy of my book.

Excited to be live on the radio tomorrow, Monday, Jan 12 at 4:06 PM EST with Steve Noble at Called2Action to talk about my book Choosing Him All Over Again on how God saved our marriage and more! You can call in & win a copy of Choosing Him! Podcast will be up by 5:30pm on 1/12 at CALL-IN: (877) 448-7884 {Then on Tuesday night, leading Time Management from Christian Perspective at Colonial Baptist Church in Cary at 7:00PM} Thank you for your prayers & maybe we'll get to talk LIVE on Called2Action!

Called2Action Radio
4-5pm EST
Triangle: AM 1030/FM 105.7/FM 105.5
Triad: AM 830/FM 97.7
Charlotte: AM 960/FM 105.7
Listen Online: after 5:30PM
CALL-IN: (877) 448-7884
  Then, on Tuesday, I will be on Faith Radio with Bob Crittenden. The website for Faith Radio in Alabama is

On Tuesday night, I will be in Cary, North Carolina at Colonial Baptist Church in Cary at 7:00 PM (Book Signing for Choosing Him at 6:00 PM and after the seminar, too!) giving one of my favorite talks: Time Management from a Christian Perspective.
Thank you for your prayers as all last week I had laryngitis! 
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