Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Wednesday's Prayer Girls & LinkUp Party (+Yum Yum Luncheon)

For the second time since I began our Wednesday LinkUp Party, I forgot to post the LinkUp! I was actually giving a real time luncheon party yesterday for our nursery and prayer team from our church's women's Bible study at my house, and I totally forgot the days of the week it was in getting ready to have ten over for lunch. I am so sorry, but I will extend one more day to our party, so you can post your lovely blog posts all week on this linkup and throughout the weekend into next week!

I can at least show you some photos from the party! I served big salads with grilled chicken. It was a busy time as I had two "fires" to put out the day before with our dog going to the vet suddenly and another volunteer job at my daughter's school for the choral department. So my son grilled the chicken for me for the women, and my older daughter made supper so I could put the fires out. It just pays to have a large family!

Necessity is the mother of invention. I wanted to put all the salad toppings in bowls but didn't have enough small bowls, when I suddenly remembered my next door neighbor's great while big swirl plates.  I put all the salad toppings on her swirl plates in rows! She suggested I put all the sweet toppings on her smaller white swirl plate, and all the savory and salty toppings on the other (somehow in all the excitement the pecans found their way to the fruits). And Joan, our prayer team leader brought a fabulous cake with "Morning Glory" on top of it: the name of our Bible study.

I wanted to have them all over for lunch because like-minded Christian friends are a gift from the Lord Himself so it was sort of like a way to say thank you to the Lord. 

Time for YOUR party now, and remember to leave your prayer requests in the comments! It is my honor to pray for you.  And lastly, if you know any Christian bloggers that would like to be on my first book blogger team, no matter their blog size, send me their email and I'll contact them, or they can email me at juana(at)juanamikels(dot)com. 
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It's time for 
Wednesday's Prayer Girls & Link-Up Party!

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Remember, God desires us not only to be a believers, but to be wholehearted disciples of Jesus Christ! May we listen to Him daily through His word, and obey Him!

Walk by faith,


  1. As my book Choosing Him All Over Again is about to come out, please pray I will be what it is I write and speak about. What can I pray for you, or for someone you love?

    1. Praying for you and your launch Juana! I believe in this project.

    2. Father we come here each week and are blessed by Juana, we thank You for her. We ask that You pour out Your favor on her and her book which You Authored through her and ask that You let her be the person she writes and speaks about. In the Precious Name of Your Son, Jesus, Amen.

    3. Oh thank you dear Jana for praying that! Amen!

  2. I would appreciate prayers for a fresh infilling of Holy Spirit inspiration so that I would write the words He wants me to say in my book about depression from a spiritual perspective, as well as prayers for supernatural provision for God to direct the right person to join our office staff.

    1. Two great prayers, Michelle! And thank you so much for praying about the book launch and being on the team. And while you are writing your own book on depression! I heard a keynote speaker say the other night about the man they were honoring who helped so many others in his busy life that it is "busy people like him that you WANT to help you!" You are one of those people, Michelle, thank you. Heavenly Father, guide Michelle's mind and fingers as she types out the words YOU would have her say on depression to help those facing depression and their loved ones. We know we can do all things through Christ. Encourage Michelle in this Lord! We ask that You bring just the right person to join their staff, complementing the staff and bringing glory to you like an orchestra! In Jesus' name, Amen.

  3. Prayers for Libby's eye appt with an Opthamologist on Thursday. She was seen by a vision specialist last week and they were encouraged by what they saw, but she is seeing the Dr. tomorrow to rule out any physical issues with her eyes.
    Prayers for a PEACEFUL HOLYday season, and provision.

    1. Lord, Libby may be at her appointment this very minute, or she may have had it. Your eyes Lord see us all. If she is now in her appointment, Lord we ask that the doctor would not see anything wrong with Libby's eyes Lord and we ask that she would be able to see very well. Lord, give her spiritual eyes too Lord that Libby will grow up to love and serve You! May all the Hagans Lord, and all of us reading have a peaceful time with Christlike attitudes of joy and peace in our homes. In Jesus' name, Amen. Love you Jana!

  4. Replies
    1. :-) Thank you, Dawn! Means so much! It is easy to write and speak compared to living out life for Christ, in the way a Christian should! That His grace may abound!

  5. My 13 year old son is going to a Christian camp weekend -- pray that it will impact him spiritually. He has struggled a bit since we moved overseas this year. I am excited that he is going and praying that God will work in his heart this week.

    1. Absolutely, Beth! Loving Lord and Heavenly Father, we lift up Beth's 13 year old son who will be going to the Christian camp this very weekend. Lord, You see everything. You know all his days before they even come to be. Lord, strengthen his heart in YOU this weekend Lord, that He may take steps to trust and love You more. In Jesus's name, Amen.


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