Choosing Him All Over Again:
A Story of Romance and Redemption 
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She had everything that was supposed to make a young woman happy: handsome husband, dream job, new home, great vacations, fun friends, and plenty of money. But she still was not satisfied.

She eventually concluded that her lack of satisfaction must be that she had married the wrong man. Leaving husband, house, and friends behind, her search for peace and happiness began in earnest.

Mistakenly, she thought what was missing was “Mr. Right.” Through much seeking, she found Jesus—and the peace she had always longed for. As she begins to fall in love with Jesus, she realizes that no man on earth could ever give her the peace and satisfaction that she found in her Savior.

As she grows in her faith and desire to please God, God rekindled in her heart a longing to be reconciled to her husband. However, the tables were now turned.

Juana learns how to trust God, let go, and let God go to work to do what seems like the impossible ... but will her marriage be restored?

Life lessons, Biblical direction and practical help on marriage are included throughout the narrative. Whether you have a troubled marriage, or a good marriage that you want to continue to improve, or just hope to marry some day, Juana’s story and the Biblical and practical advice she includes will be an inspiration to you of the power and the love of our Savior.