Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Going to Visit Elisabeth Elliot, I'll Be Back End of August! (& 2-Wk Wednesday LinkUp Party!)

My daughter, Mary, and I are so excited we are about to pop! We are washing clothes like mad and packing for we are about to go on a trip to see Elisabeth Elliot and her dear husband, Lars. I'll be taking a short blog break, but I'll have lots of good pictures to share with you when I return. I know so many of you love them as much as we do, so I will try to share, share, share with you!

Elisabeth & Lars in our home last year  
Lars wants Mary to sing for Elisabeth while we're there, (and for her sister, that we will meet for the first time!). She's preparing hymns of course, but I told her to throw in some songs from The Sound of Music because everyone loves those so much for fun.   I always take some books to read when I travel, and I nearly always have one that Elisabeth wrote! But I am leaving them all at home, because being with her will far outweigh any reading I could do.

We wouldn't dream of not packing plenty of York peppermint patties! That's because Mary calls Lars, "Double Yorkie," and she refers to herself as, "Little Yorkie." It's a long story about a trip to York, South Carolina, but I already bought the York patties to take with us. I'm also taking getting Lars some figs (Sh! surprise )  because his birthday is coming soon, and he loves them. (Mary can impersonate Lar's voice and southern accent to the point you think he's in the room! We're taking UNO & Taboo to play, but I'm secretly hoping Mary does her impersonations of Lars and Elisabeth.  

Many of you have asked me how I was so fortunate as to get to know Elisabeth Elliot and her husband (and Elisabeth's dear daughter Valerie, too, but she won't be staying with us as she lives in NC). I was just a listener to Elisabeth's radio program way back in 1992. I wrote Elisabeth and we began a writing correspondence which lasted years until she was no longer able to write. She was so good about writing people back! I sent her a tape I made her (a tape was easier for me because I had 3 children under 5 at the time, and I made the tape in the middle of the night!). She later asked me to be a guest on her program, and has stayed with us several times. This will be our first time seeing her home and staying with her! They invited us, and they didn't have to ask twice! ☺☺☺

To this day, I try to reply back to every comment I get on my blog (I don't every time) and on Fb or Instagram as long as I am able, because she is my example. Elisabeth was diagnosed with dementia about ten years ago. She is unable to speak (sometime a word will come out, like when I asked her if she wanted apple pie last time I saw her she said, "No!"), yet her beautiful blue eyes demonstrate her absolute peace and contentment in this last affliction of her life. Oh how her life speaks so loudly what she taught us all so well, from her mentor, Amy Carmichael: "In acceptance, lieth peace."

I'll leave you with this video my Mary (born blind) singing, "This We Pray," to dear Elisabeth!

See you at the end of August!  Have a prayer request? I can still pray for you while I'm on blog break. Leave your request in the comments!

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  1. Praising God that my oldest, (a girl) got a new job and is moving back to town! PTL!! My son has the final state real estate exam tomorrow, & praying he will pass & for Mary and I to have safe travel to Boston & that we'd be good guests & able to minister to Lars, Elisabeth and their caregivers. What can I pray for you or someone you love?

    1. Praise God from whom ALL blessings flow! Praises for Juana's daughter has a new job and will be moving back home! Father we thank you that one exam is done for her son and another will be behind today. We pray for Your favor over him as he takes the exam. We pray for safety and a wonderful visit for Juana & Mary as well. Thank you Abba Daddy!

    2. Your joy means so much and I can HEAR it! Thank you, Jana! And guess what? One prayer already answered.... Woo-hoooooooo! Alex just texted that he passed the State exam! Thank you for praying, Jana!!

  2. Hope you have a lovely trip, Juana! May God make every moment memorable and honoring to Him. So happy you and Mary have this opportunity. Much love to you in Christ ~ Emily

    1. Thank you so much Emily. I think I may have just gotten invited so Mary could come! (not kidding!! they have a special relationship:-) Please let me know Emily if there is anything I can pray for you. Still hoping to meet one day!

  3. I loved this glimpse into Elizabeth Elliot's life.... it is sad and yet also uplifting. I hope your trip is wonderful. Thank you for sharing this. :)

    1. Hi Gentle Joy! You are welcome! You might enjoy clicking at the top of my home page on the right on Elisabeth Elliot's picture and you can scroll down for more posts. Love, Juana

  4. How wonderful! I have read her books and recently listened to her sharing on YouTube. What an amazing life she has had! And how wonderful that she answers people who write to her! Sometimes I can't even return visits of those who come and comment on my bog :^((( I remember a friend of mine who has passed away already. She also wrote letters to those people she admired. She received a return letter from Mother Teresa. Isn't that precious too? Oh please if you can say a prayer for my son and me. We have these strange red marks on our face. One doctor said it was fungus! Ughhhh! Blessings to you on your trip! patsy

    1. Dear Lord, We pray right now for Patsy and her son. We ask in Jesus's name for the red marks to go away, and for there to be no bad consequences from this. Thank you Lord that you can be all over the world at once! You are our omnipresent God! Amen.
      Patsy, isn't amazing how many lives Elisabeth Elliot has touched? The same with Mother Teresa! Oh what wonderful saints who live and lived out a practical faith in Christ! Love, Juana

  5. My friend Connie's Granddaughter who was born at 25 weeks on 7/30 passed away yesterday. Prayers of Peace over her Mom, Dad and ALL the family.
    Prayers for our Pastor and his family as they start a new journey in Lynchburg, VA at Liberty University today. Last night as we were praying over the son & daughter in our Community Group, God gave me a vision that He was smiling. Smiling because of the love and smiling because of ALL He has in store for ALL of us. Them loving to a new job & town, and us as we start the process of finding a new head pastor.
    Continued prayers for Miss Libby and complete healing of her little brain. She also has her first check up and shots this Friday.
    Prayers for forgiveness and healing of our relationship with our son & DIL.

  6. So so saddened to hear this news of your friend's granddaughter. Will lift up your pastor at Liberty today. Liberty is so beautiful nestled in the foothills of Virginia. Praying for your little granddaughter Libby's progress, and for forgiveness and healing in your relationship. Lord, we lift them all up to You, for Your touch and work! Amen.


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